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Highlights: Jan 20 – 26

  • Widewalls Highlights
  • Futura
  • Charles Krafft
  • Abandoned house East Village
  • JR
January 26, 2014

This week started off with one of the best posts we ever had. Our feature of 3D street art includes a variety of different 3D forms and styles. 3D street art is deceiving, intriguing and thus so interesting. Next up was the presentation of the Futura seven series in The Widewalls Collection. Followed by a older post from The Widewalls Collection featuring the ceramic weapons by Charles Krafft. Next up was Hanksy’s and his street art conquest of an abandoned house in New York’s East Village. Finally the highest estimates at the Artcurial Urban Art Auction sparked your interest. The auction taking place February 5th is 2014’s first auction highlight for street art collectors.

3D Street Art

3D street art comes in different designs. There are references to 3D graffiti within the realm of what is generally considered graffiti and street art, and some of the artists have taken it a step further, creating a tangible 3D technique. Influences of 3D street art are visible in throughout the body of work of some of the most revered street and urban artists today. Renowned artists that have adapted 3D elements in their street art are Ron English, Olek and MTO.

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The Widewalls Collection – Futura

This week’s Widewalls Collection features a series of seven by the one and only Futura. These artworks are signed by Futura and held in monochromatic black and white. Each painting is 35cm x 27.5cm and depicts a different Japanese-comic-inspired Futura figurine.

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The Widewalls Collection – Charles Krafft

Art by Charles Krafft is intriguing, beautiful and unusual, of course we had to have it. We were especially fond of his Porcelain Weaponry series, and purchased several pieces. The Luger and the Kalashnikov, being the most remarkable pieces of the collection.

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Surplus Candy

Street art, vandalism, action art, call it as you will, but the complete re-creation of an abandoned house in East Village of NY was a truly remarkable move. An old apartment building, completely deserted and condemned, served as the inspirational base for a New York based artist known as Hanksy, who saw more than just a party venue in it.

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Artcurial Urban Art Auction

The Parisian auction house Artcurial is hosting this years first highlight urban art auction. On February 5th at 7pm Artcurial will present works by: JonOne, Shepard Fairey, JR, SEEN, InvaderZEVS, Keith Haring, Futura, Blek le Rat, Quik, Rero, Remmellzee, T-Kid, Nick Walker, Dondi White, COPE2, Ernest Pignon-Ernest, Miss Van, Banksy, KAWS, Zephyr, Alexone Dizac, FAILE, D*Face, C215, Swoon, Vhils, Eelus, Ben Eine, Hush, Herakut, WK Interact, Pure Evil, Bom K., Henry Chalfant, Delta 2, Shoe, Inti, Mode 2, Evol, Seth, Retna, A1One, Phase Two and BLU.

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