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Highlights July 14 – 20

July 22, 2014

The Man Who Knows Banksy

If there is one person in the world who could speak about Banksy and without you doubting any word he says, that is definitely Steve Lazarides. While working on a photo shoot for Sleaze Nation magazine, then in his twenties, Lazarides met Banksy and the two quickly became friends. He started selling Banksy’s work to friends and soon became his agent. Many consider him the man to popularized street art and launched Banksy’s career. Today, five years after parting ways with Banksy, Lazarides is still in the business of promoting artists, as he is an agent to portrait painter Jonathan Yeo, the Parisian artist JR, the contemporary English painter Antony Micallef, Portuguese graffiti artist Vhils and the American painter and muralist David Choe. In an interview given to Artelligence, Lazarides talkes Banksy, future of street art and its market.

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Colorful Illumination

Not long after its invention at the beginning of the 20th century vapor-tube devices filled with gas had lit up the streets of cities across the globe. In the following decades the artistic uses for neon tubing became more apparent and people continued to experiment with the fragile medium which takes physical skill to manipulate. Its raffish charm, unique combination of light and color light made it a medium of choice for many as a vehicle to convey emotion and ideas. Here is our pick of top ten contemporary neon artists you should take note of.

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Another World

Understanding the language of the artist is the task above all tasks. What is more, understanding the language of visual art is the only way to, not only experience, but participate in the artwork. It could be said that this is the modus vivendi of artist James Linkous. But, how is this achievable? If one was bold enough, one could argue that the portrait is for the art world what a paragraph is for literature, or what an equation is to science. The perception and presentation of the human character through expressions of the face can “speak volumes”. To look at a portrait as a work of art means to be able to see and understand the entirety of a cultural context that emerges from a human face. And here we are! The “magic word” – to emerge.

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Picasso’s Son

If we look past the shiny and sanguine in the fantastic oeuvre of Ron English, and gaze into the contemplative practice that lies before his creative process, we might uncover a great master of our time, a figure whose iconography responds to the currents, while his method corresponds to approaches of luminaries of early modern art. His vast and prolific body of work is the most vivid compilation of pop art iconography, but the fact English chose to reinterpret masterpieces in the new light tells more about him as an artist. Among the dignitaries upon which he builds his own legacy, Ron English counts Picasso, as he has taken Guernica, one of the crucial works of art of the 20th century, and filtered it through the lense of contemporary art. Guernicas of Ron English are clever, deftly composed, distorted and shifted. They are repetitive depictions of our modern ways and needs, conjured on the mirror that is perceived as the prime anti-war statement.

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Get Out Your Shovels

One of the forefront Outsiders of Bristol, Sickboy, is having his inaugural exhibition at the London chapter of the populistic Lazarides space. His Make It Last Forever is bringing new abstract work, an intriguing spatial installation and a very special activity – A Sickboy Treasure Hunt! Annunciating the exhibition, the Treasure Hunt will lead off the Sickboy month at The Outsiders on Friday, July 18. Treasures will be hidden in a network of secret locations – five recognizable Sickboy coffins, filled with artistic ephemera, stickers, original sketches, and other artist related trinkets, all signed and numbered by their creator, entombed around London. The X-spots will be marked by the Sickboy temple flag, while maps with marked goals and instructions on treasure claim will be issued tomorrow morning. All interested London urban art lovers and Sickboy fans ought to watch the special page on The Outsiders site for fresh info! There’s word [metaphorical] shovels will be needed…

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