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Highlights July 21 – 27

July 28, 2014

5 Pointz

5Pointz in Long Island City, New York is known as the world’s “graffiti mecca.” The warehouse, a 19,000 m2 structure, was established in 1993 as a formal place for graffiti artists from around the globe to legally showcase their work. The name 5Pointz signifies the five boroughs coming together as one, but famous factory building has in fact united aerosol artists from across the world. The founder of 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center and curator of its outdoor gallery, graffiti veteran Jonathan Cohen, best known by his signature tag “Meres One,” hoped to convert the five-story, block-long industrial complex into a graffiti museum but instead the site will soon be turned into luxury housing. Nearly a year ago, the owners of the building Jerry Wolkoff and his brother were granted permission by the New York City Planning Commission to turn the graffiti shrine into condo. The city’s most famous graffiti collection will make a way for a $400 million residential project in just a few weeks time.

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The term “minimalism” has evolved over the last fifty years to include a vast number of different artistic media. From its birth, the philosophy of minimalism was to explore the essential elements of an art form with pared-down design elements. Even though, or maybe because, the boundaries of the form are not so clear and extreme anymore, today it appears to be more alive and intense than ever, especially in the world of street and urban -art. We present to you ten minimalist artist of our time which, although they may appear different at first look, they share the common idea of saying more with less.

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Luke Cornish

Over the past few years Luke Cornish rapidly gains national and international recognition for his highly detailed handmade stencils and has been granted many awards. Also known under the nickname ‘E.L.K’, in 2012 Cornish became the first stencil artist to become a finalist in the prestigious Archibald Prize, the largest portrait award in Australia. The subject of his Archibald entry, Cornish’s portrait of the controversial Catholic priest Father Bob Maguire, was made entirely out of stencils containing over 30 layers. The portrait achieved an auction record for a work by an Australian street artist selling for AU$34,160 at the Bonhams Auction of Important Australian Art in late 2013.

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Instagram Dealings

While major auction houses fight for high class clientele, achieving a sales record after record, none guesses there might be another art dealer in town. A new, fresh art handler, the one everybody likes, everybody uses and the one that could potentially damage the entire high-end-veiled art industry. The name of this ‘new’ intermediary is Instagram, better known as a photo sharing social network. Instagram, one of the most popular social media, allows for the direct communication artist – collector, while sharing precious images of super-fresh artwork, rendered [or not] through any of the filters, to make the piece even more appealing. This practice is used by numerous artists, and some say it seriously threatens to endanger the art dealer occupation.

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On Top of the Art World

Art collecting has become favorite hobby of many art lovers through the years. Many art collectors have created for themselves an impressive collection, and with the rise of the online market, it is expected for it to become even more popular, especially among young buyers. ARTnews Magazine has explored this topic and published their annual list capturing top 200 world’s contemporary art collectors. Results are quite interesting, containing perhaps some surprising names.  The list also informs us about the types of art the buyers collect, where they reside, and the industries in which they work.

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