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Highlights: July 28 – August 3

August 4, 2014

New Kids on the Walls

Youth has always been the most important thriving force in the history of art. Unstoppable urge to experiment, to push the boundaries and confront dogmas set by the ones before them is what places young artist on the first lines of progress and constant evolution of art. We are deeply convinced these ten emerging artists on the following list will not only make huge names for themselves but shape the future of urban art in the following years with great impact.

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Interacting is Questioning and Questioning is Creating

To interact means to question, and to question means to create. It should be in the core of the phenomenon of contemporary art to induce interaction. The potential of artistic collaboration represents the fusion energy of creative work in the 21st century. It certainly is not a novum of our time, but it has never been a more powerful incentive than it is today. Through The Power of Storytelling edition of 180 Creative Camp, the town of Abrantes in Portugal has hosted some of the most inspiring creators from all over the world. Between July 13th and July 20th 2014, with the power of installation, design, photography, video, architecture and fine arts, artist were able not only to interact with each other, but the whole body of contemporary culture.

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The Sport of Art Collecting

Art and sports are interrelated constantly in so many ways, through collaborations, design, and engaged visual statements, themed exhibitions, and last, but definitely not least – collecting. Many a sportsman has been an art lover as well, and some of the top achievers on the playfield are also among the upper echelon when it comes to owning art collections. A lot of them did not have any training in art or art history, but their natural affinities draw them towards the intricacy of creative expression, where they often face in the direction of a specific genre or period. Identified as the first 5 among the many sportsmen who collect art are John McEnroe, David Beckham, Sami Allagui, Grant Hill and Fabio Capello.

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Art Collecting 101

Everybody collects something, or at least did at some stage of life. In the art world there are many opinions and advises about how to buy art as well as what to buy. This can be very discouraging especially if you are a beginner in collecting art. But, no matter how intimidating it may seem at the beginning, remember one thing – buying art is like buying any other product. You don’t need to be rich to collect art. Anyone can become a master at collecting art and it is natural to assume that you start small. In terms of money as well as the experience, collecting is an evolutionary process. You need to perfect your skills continuously and some collectors believe that it takes a lifetime.

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Psych-Pop-Art from Haifa

Israeli art crew Broken Fingaz has been quite busy for the last couple of weeks – from Jewish culture festival to Sex Picnic zine –they seem to know it all. The crew made of four members: Deso, Kip, Tant and Unga, made their spot on a street art scene with their recognizable and unique style of painting images from pop culture and referencing them to Marvel comics, B-Movies, pop art and psychedelic art of 60s and 70s. As we always do once a week, we salute the ones whose work inspires and constantly surprises us – this is why this week our ‘Artist of the Week’ award goes to… Broken Fingaz!

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