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Highlights: June 2 – 8

  • urban art
  • Belgrade
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  • Urban Art
  • Urban Art
June 9, 2014

C215 – Made in France

C215’s upcoming exhibition at Galerie Itinerrance bears the intriguing title “Douce France” (Sweet France), like a famous moral support song for prisoners of war and forced laborers during WWII. The title was intentionally chosen to provoke since the exhibition deals with the French identity. At the time when the concept of “Made in France” began to appear increasingly in the media and political speeches, the artist chooses to bypass the usual thinking, reverse some ideas in making a subjective, biased and willingly provocative exhibition.

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There is a festival in Belgrade that has been mixing it up for several years back. It represents a unique platform for promotion of culture, encompassing music, art, design, architecture, sustainability and revitalization of neglected urban areas. The name of the festival is Mikser and it’s known as the mirror of urban Belgrade today. This year, the Mikser Festival slogan is Sustainable Utopia, which in Serbian makes a clever wordplay referring to the very recent catastrophic floods that struck the country. The rich programming of the four-day event is distinctively colored with Solidarity thematics, directed towards helping the people afflicted by the natural disaster.

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The Galleries That Never Sleep

New York is the center of the gallery world. No other city in the world has such district like Chelsea, the largest and richest of the NYC’s art districts with more than 200 galleries. But it is not only Chelsea that inhabits exceptional galleries. The Lower East Side, East Village, Soho and Brooklyn do the same. It’s the city where the greatest and carefully selected range of art is on view month after month. Here you can find the largest art spaces as well as small galleries. Widewalls prepared a well-thought-out list of 10 galleries to visit in New York. There’s something for everyone.

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The Artistic Life of Banksy

Sotheby’s S|2 in London presents the first, unauthorized exhibition of works by the internationally renowned artist Banksy from June 12 – 25, curated by Steve Lazarides. The long-awaited collaborative exhibition Banksy: The Unauthorised Retrospective showcases an array of works Lazarides considers seminal to the rise of today’s arguably most famous street artist.  Works cover the period when the two worked together. Heralded as the “Entrepreneur of the Urban Art Scene”, Steve Lazarides was Banksy’s agent from the outset of his career until 2008.

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First of its Kind

Mana Contemporary announced one of the best news of the year – the opening of the first museum of urban art on the American soil. As an elaborate and interactive street art and graffiti platform, Mana Museum of Urban Arts is the latest development of the respected institution, funded by its Director Eugene Lemay. The location will answer all the needs of such a novel institution, occupying a former ice factory of 100,000 ft. Founder and director of Mana Contemporary, Eugene Lemay, has already announced the opening of a street art musuem but the fill Urban Arts development gives the final conclusion to his excellent vision. He is introducing two legends of the scene, street artists Logan Hicks and Joe Iurato as responsible curatorial pair of the future museum’s exhibition program.

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