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Highlights: March 17 – 23

  • Kolly Gallery
  • Mural in progress
  • A Love Letter to the City
  • Photography
  • Roq La Rue
March 23, 2014

TILT in Zurich

There really are so many ways to die, as claims the graffiti whiz named Tilt, depicting the irony of life in a series of new works. Kolly Gallery in Zurich is hosting an exhibition by this French “throw-up” graffiti artist, presenting a body of work leaning onto the tradition of vanitas. Tilt is known to favor the so called “primitive” graffiti forms, which he uses to build more elaborate pictorial constructions, which in the end turn out just as impressive as three dimensional tags or wild style. His own moniker or a basic phrase is usually the base of his work, providing a Tilt bubble letter “throw-ups” as the structural element of the composition.

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Borondo London residency has produced an unbelievable set of murals. In early February Borondo painted the “Narcissus” mural underneath a bridge crossing a river. The piece’s standout characteristic was Borondo’s play with the surrounding environment. The artist painted the portrait upside so that the water mirrors the mural in its natural position. “Narcissus” is testament to Borondo’s versatility, creativity and innovative thinking. One month later (whether he left or not is unknown) he created the mural “Looking For”, another displays of his creative power. The mural depicts the roller paint portrait adorned by a flower bouquet. The real highlight comes when the sun goes down over London. The lamp above the mural illuminates the man’s flower decoration. The next stunning piece Borondo painted was “Cheese”. The white-grounded mural depicts a man locked into a pillory. Borondo traverses the piece with graphic lettering that spells the murals title. The latest piece was then proof of the universality of his skills. Fluidly the skills of Alexis Diaz and Borondo merge to create a beautiful artwork.  There are not many artists that are so diverse while remaining true to his artistic direction as Borondo. That is why (long-since overdue) Borondo is Widewalls’ Artist of the Week.

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The Words of Stephen Power

Passionate street art fans will appreciate the new Stephen Powers‘ A Love Letter to the City publication that they’ll want to keep forever. A Love Letter to the City chronicles his creation of dozens of murals around the world, including murals on the walls and rooftops from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, Belfast to Johannesburg.

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Ai Weiwei in Berlin

Despite the unbelievable hostility Ai Weiwei is facing not only in his home country China, the artist decided to exhibit his largest body of work in Berlin. Ai Weiwei’s “Evidence” will be presented on 3000 sq meters in 18 different rooms and the spectacular atrium of the Martin Gropius Bau. The artist conceptualized, designed and created specifically for this exhibition.

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Pop Surrealism

A Seattle gallery space dedicated to the very specific style of pop surrealism is currently occupied by a group exhibition that is everything Roq La Rue stands for. A selection of beautifully painted, imaginative and unreal scenes is juxtaposed with a pinch of eeriness and oddity and stirred with a magic wand of other world in a show entitled Infusion, as per the influx of new creative minds to the line of the gallery represented artists. Along with the exhibition, Roq la Rue inaugurated a new mural series, this time with a large work commissioned by a local muralist Robert Hardgrave.

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