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Highlights May 12 - 18

May 18, 2014

From the Streets to the Gallery

As tribute to 15 years of spraying around the globe Widewalls and Sickboy have created the sculpture series Optical Delusions that use images from the artists visual vocabulary. The light sculptures come in three different forms and in varied editions. Famous Sickboy images like the ‘Temple’ tag, the ‘Three-Eyed Heart’ or the exclamation ‘Lovers’ come to life in 3-D form. Over the last years Sickboy has experimented with art installations at the most renowned galleries and urban art festivals. For ‘Melo Diorama’ at Shooting Star in San Francisco, Sickboy created the model railway of death. At Nuart Festival in Stavanger he built a large stoner house. Now Sickboy has created three illuminated art installations as collectibles. Each piece is signed, numbered and extremely limited.

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The Most Influential People in Art

Art Market has always been defined by numerous fluctuations, and there have always existed figures who had more influence and power in the matters of what is considered attention worthy than others. Besides coveted artists, there are other players in the market who define currents and often, openly influence them. What collectors want is always better priced, and what dealers proclaim as break-through is always in demand. In the end, a piece is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, which is best witnessed at auctions.

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Urban Poet

Before we had our official interview with Ray Moore. We had a talk with Ray Moore. The camera was rolling, which both Ray and I encouraged but that video material was intended for our eyes-only. However, the inspiring revelations, the valuable thoughtfulness and admirable socio-critical reflection of Ray Moore need to be spread for everyone to hear. Enjoy our conversation with an urban poet.

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Outstanding Murals

Your selection of street art this week has brought forth a variety of different imagery, styles and techniques. The presentation this week includes: beautiful women; subway take-overs in Rome; the evolution of art; deadly fruits; and the strongest man in Paris. The style and techniques range from paste-ups to free-hand photorealism. No matter what the mural depicts or how it was created they are all an outstanding selection of your choice.

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The House in Son Vida

This week’s presentation of Widewalls’ urban art collection features works by one of the most renowned stencil artists: Nick Walker. The artworks are the truest form of urban art. They were painted directly on the façade of a house. Over several hours Nick Walker sprayed two beautiful and colorful paintings on the sidewall of the Marcel Wanders designed house in Son Vida, Mallorca. The works pick up on pop-culture imagery and combine the lightness of the surf lifestyle with British street art aesthetic. The flowing waves, naked women, spray cans and exclamations are seamlessly connected to create an exceptional overall picture. The series not only includes the two-meter high and ninety-centimeter wide murals, but is completed by an original that was created specifically for the Son Vida residence.

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