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Highlights: May 25 – June 1

  • Print release
  • In Situ Festival
  • Banksy
  • Daniel Arsham
June 2, 2014

Reclaiming Urban Areas

Urban art interventions involve artists reclaiming areas for artwork. This can include doing street art, but it can also include transforming other urban spaces into art. Sometimes, the artists are invited. Other times, they do their work under the cloak of night and surprise everyone with the finished piece. Here are 10 of the most interesting and beautiful interventions.

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Short Blade Tree

Spanish artist Pejac is a relatively unknown name in the urban art scene. However, his anonymity isn’t expected to last long.  He has already gained attention from a number of media outlets and from galleries and institutions like the Saatchi Gallery and Greenpeace.  While he mainly does street art, Pejac has decided to celebrate the launch of his new website be releasing his first hand-finished limited edition print release.

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Fortification of Paris

In the heart of Fort d’Aubervilliers, a former fortification of Paris, there is a huge 2 acres field of untouched vegetation that surrounds the empty open-air parking lots and warehouses. However, it is intended to soon become an eco district including housing, shops and amenities. Currently, this vast urban area brings together 40 artists partaking in the In Situ Art Festival until July 14, in order to open the site to the public as a place of creativity before its transformation.

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Lego Banksy

How many times have you seen a LEGO display and thought – I want this? Even those who did not play with these magical toys as little must admit the limitless fun potential the small bricks provide. Exactly this potential, as well as their versatility, were reached by an award winning photographer Jeff Friesen and his daughter as they were making a series dedicated to one of the greatest street artists of our time – Banksy.

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Body Cast for Pharrell

Among works created specifically for the Galerie Perrotin in Paris, one piece has particularly caught our attention. It is a sculpture by Daniel Arsham made of broken glass. Arsham has made many figures of broken glass in the past, but it was always he who is inside the mold. This time, believe it or not, Arsham is doing a full body cast of Pharrell Williams. Two hundred pounds of shattered glass is being reformed inside the mold to form Pharrell’s figure.

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