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Highlights: May 5 – 11

  • Urban art
  • Urban art
  • Urban art
  • Urban art
  • Urban art
May 11, 2014

DMV in Berlin

Da Mental Vaporz Berlin takeover is done. The large exhibition by this French graffiti crew is currently on display at two spaces of BC Gallery, while the artists have created a huge mural on a wall next to the S-Bahn station Waschauerstrasse, a new landmark overlooking the urban quarter. This impressive mural is designed by the well-coordinated crew, but it still gives justice to every individual member of the group and their respective styles. Although composed out of different fragments, the DMV wall retains the harmonious unity and the vitality of their recognizable manner. This novel piece in their joint body of work may be one of the most representative examples of the crew’s mural design, while the show at the BC gallery complements this gigantic wall and celebrates the successfully fused creativity of the DMV members – Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Gris1, Kan, Lek and Sowat.

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Sainer and Bezt

Sainer and Bezt are two incredible street artists from Lodz, Poland well known in the street art community as Etam Cru. They are known for their poetic murals of epic proportions. For Sainer and Bezt there’s no building high enough. Having made themselves names in the world of urban art in the recent years, Etam Cru now presents their first Spanish exhibition under the title “Ugly Heroes”, which will be opened in Montana Gallery in Barcelona on May 8. The show runs until May 28.

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Banksy’s Pest Control

The month of June will bring a new London exhibition by Banksy, organized by Sotheby’s at its S2 gallery in Mayfair, showing around forty pieces of art. The show is devised as a retrospective, and it’s curated by the artist’s former representative, Steve Lazarides. All of the works exhibited will have certificates of authenticity issued by the artist, while no street artwork will be on display. Banksy’s screen prints are made for the people who are not able to witness first-hand his street art. They are the same in the execution and technique as his famous stencils, and the only pieces that are subject to certification to Pest Control, a service established by the artist in 2008.

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Mini Street Art

Every city has its gems, hidden charms, small details people remember, sometimes even better than the big landmarks they see. We hardly ever wonder about the jewelers who imagine and create these gems, presuming the marks have been there since ever. One of those creators of the surreal, the magician who roams the streets conjuring up small images we keep reminiscing long after is Pablo Delgado, a Mexican visual artist, currently based in London. After scattering the alluring miniatures around the city, the artist is preparing an exhibition at Howard Griffin gallery in May. The upcoming show by Delgado will embody the novel principle of conceptual-meets-street art represented by a large-scale installation.

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Berlin’s Art Scene

Berlin has a thriving international art scene and has been seen in recent years as a mecca for contemporary art. Ever since the wall came down in 1989, Berlin has been known as a bohemian paradise thanks to cheap rents that have allowed a creative class to flourish in the city. The Berlin Senate’s cultural affairs department estimates that around 5,000 artists, 1,200 writers, 1,500 bands (pop, rock, and world music), 500 jazz musicians, 103 professional orchestras and music ensembles, 1,500 choirs, 300 theater groups, and 1,000 dancers and/or choreographers of contemporary dance live and work in Berlin. The city continues to inspire artists from around the world to settle here and live near the galleries that represent them. Over the last few years many galleries have migrated to open their premises in Berlin. Widewalls made a list of 10 must-visit urban and contemporary art galleries in Berlin. Discover the city’s most exciting art venues with our new gallery guide.

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