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Highlights: Nov 10 – 16

November 17, 2014

Portugal’s Rise in the Street Art Scene

Recently we wrote about Spanish urban artists and today we revisit the Iberian Peninsula and go to Portugal in our search of exceptional urban and street art. Street art has long been a part of Portuguese culture, and after the democratic revolution of 1974, this artistic form of expression rapidly increased. If you are looking for cutting-edge street art, you will most definitely find it in the mesmerizing country of Portugal, especially in Lisbon, one of the European epicenters of the street art movement. A lot of time passed since the city council of Lisbon realized that good-quality street art can be an asset. The city’s liberal regulations toward street art and its efforts in making abandoned buildings available to artists resulted in an unparalleled enthusiasm for urban and street art. Walking through the streets of Lisbon and Porto it appears like every surface displays a portrait, image of an animal or a stenciled message.

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The First Stencil Artist

When you think about stencil graffiti, the first name that always crosses everyone’s mind is Banksy. But the world of art usually forgets that even though the Bristol-born superstar is one of a kind and probably still the best-known name in street art. The path he passed was claimed many years before by a French street art pioneer, Blek le Rat. Starting in the early 80s, after few enlightening years spent in New York where he first encountered graffiti, Xavier Prou aka Blek le Rat came back to Paris and started implementing what he saw with his own ideas. The result was revolutionary and soon, everyone started copying his work. Even then a young artist named Banksy, which the artist never denied, “Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek le Rat has done it as well, only 20 years earlier.”

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Anamorphic Spray Cans

Flying Förtress is a Munich born street artists with deep roots in graffiti. Since 25 years the artist, known for his precise spraying technique, is part of Germany’s graffiti elite. Flying Förtress rose to fame with his iconic Teddy Troopers. He developed these characters to move away from graffiti writing and toward a more imagery based graffiti. He wanted to reach viewers outside the graffiti scene by creating a comprehendible icon in public space. The Teddy Troopers were more direct and more accessible to the public. These figurines became his signature, however, his repertoire is not limited to them. For his latest exhibition at Hamburg’s Affenfaust Galerie, the artists prepared a series of works anthropomorphic spray cans.

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Temples of Contemporary Art

In this day and age when anyone is capable of having their own fifteen minutes of fame in the great village we call world, one can hardly think of a greater mission than the one of a contemporary art museum. In the overwhelming flood of artists and their artworks that can easily be overlooked and quickly forgotten, contemporary art museums have the most crucial role in selecting what is important and preserving it for the generations to come. With that in mind, today we present our selection of some of the most influential contemporary art museums around the world. All ten of them are respected leaders in their field of work, with an extraordinary and profound task of collecting, preserving and exhibiting the most important modern and contemporary artworks created by the biggest names in the art world of our time.

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The Weird Show at Partisan Creative Corner

What is art? This question concerned centuries of human existence until… a German art agency came up with the answer. Art is just a four letter word is a contemporary art agency with its main focus on street art and graffiti. The agency based in Soest also established a gallery space that presents urban art by emerging and established artists. The Partisan Creative Corner was established this year and already hosted several significant exhibitions. Most recently they welcomed Nils ‘Shoe’ Meulman in their exhibition space. Coming up they will host another exceptional exhibition that promises to be really weird.

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