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Highlights: October 6 – 12

  • Erotic Photography
  • Can Instagram Be Used as a New Artistic Medium
October 13, 2014

Erotic Photography

The famous fashion photographer turned artist, David LaChapelle, has always been very skilled in attracting attention. He rose from the world of art and disco, much inspired by Andy Warhol persona, and eventually found himself in the controversial world of fashion. His talent, profusion and perfectionism made LaChapelle one of the most acclaimed fashion photographers of all times. Supermodels, celebrities and everyone-who’s-anyone raced to find themselves in front of the artist’s camera, agreeing to be shot in the most provocative ways. As his career developed, LaChapelle’s style grew graphic, using sex, fetishism, and taboo as a part of his usual language, along with a strong, but deliberate, dose of kitsch. Magazines rebelled, but so did the photographer, making a break with the fashion sphere that lead him to a much happier place – art.

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Stencil is probably the most popular technique used in graffiti and street art worldwide. Popularity of pre-stenciled art has many different reasons behind it. The technique provided graffiti artists with several important advantages, most important being the possibility to easily reproduce their work, hence to be more visible, and also to do it fast in order to disappear before getting caught by the police. Over time artists started experimenting with multi-layered cut out stencils to add more colors and illusion of depth to their pieces. This artistic experimentation resulted in much more elaborate and highly sophisticated stenciled artworks. Today we take a quick look at some of the world’s best stencil artists who took stencil art to a whole new level, both in terms of aesthetics and messages they are trying to convey.

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Art on Instagram

Instagram is widely used by many, including some of the greatest contemporary artist around. This social network provides an excellent platform for visual artists to show their work to large and diverse public, and free of charge. It also allows art lovers to follow their beloved artists and get updates of their newest artworks. We highly recommend these ten accounts for you to follow. They are interesting, highly entraining, very informative and provide great insight into freshly created art by some of the world’s best urban and contemporary artist.

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Instagram in the Gallery

Since the launch of Instagram, many artists have used it as a promotional platform for their work, communication with followers and as a unique space for informing the public about their future plans. Richard Prince, however, saw it as an opportunity to make art. When asked about his thoughts on Instagram, the controversial artist said, “It’s almost like it was invented for someone like myself… It’s like carrying around a gallery in your pocket… Everything became easy.” After being kicked off the site for posting his infamous work from 1983’s series Spiritual America, featuring 10 year old Brook Shields posing naked, Prince re-emerged on the site by printing out postings from celebrities on canvas, re-photographing them, and posting them anew to his own feed in his own twist on the #regram, turning his Instagram account into a conceptual art project. Now he went even further by basing his entire new exhibition “New Portraits” on the other peoples’ Instagram profiles.

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No One Buying Banksy’s New York Pieces

Why is it that the mere mention of Banksy always raises such a hype? After a recent report from New York Post, on how nobody wants Banksy’s street art, not even museums, not even for free, an instant commotion began, at least in the media. The pieces in question have been created by the notorious Anonymous in New York last fall, during his October ‘residency’, named Better Out Than In. Did Banksy want to emphasize the importance of public art, to point out he prefers to work illicitly outside than in his protected studio, or did the title address the right of free expression, i.e. speech? Probably all of these things, but as we reminisce fondly of the elusive whiz’s Big Apple adventures, we do rarely wonder – what happened with all those murals, graffiti and other works?

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