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Highlights September 1 – 7

September 9, 2014

Mad C and the Stylemachine

As the influence of different approaches to painting changed in MadC’s work, her recent murals and paintings have come to reveal an abstract style. The structures which conveyed a more narrative style, such as those in the Stylemachine, are (temporarily) abandoned to give way to imagery rich in strong colors and lines resembling the wildstyle graffiti letters. However, the ensemble of abstract shapes reside both in foreground as well as background, projecting an impression of the existence of multiple layers. It is as though the painting was a composite of overlapping layers of thin glass. In a way, although it would appear that MadC is returning to traditional graffiti, it would seem she is transforming her process and taking a step further, representing the energy of the classical period of street art. During the period between September 4th and October 4th 2014 at the Kolly Gallery, Zurich, we shall be able to witness the liquid form of a successful artistic transformation at a solo exhibition of the talented MadC.

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C215’s Life (so far)

The retrospective debut of C215 will be hosted by the Parisian space of the international Opera Gallery, where 35 artworks will be shown, encompassing his creative years and depicting all of the artist’s favorite subjects – from travelling, childhood and adolescence scenes, to ordinary life of the street, animals – cats most of all, historical and art historical references, literature, and naturally, portraits of his daughter Nina, his preferred model. Exhibition is entitled Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, evoking the motto of the French nation, meaning Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood, which sublimates the core messages of the C215 painting in one sentence. The title, just as the stencil paintings, tell of the people of the city, of the street, emphasizing each of their stories, alluding that all men are equal and that all deserve respect and dignified lives. Works are executed in different media, on posters, cardboard ‘canvas’, mailbox units, traffic signs, driftwood and other recycled objects. Nameless characters he conjures around urban areas of the globe tell the same story, they are all of us, our brothers, sisters, neighbors, wanderers, lovers, kissers, young and old, escaping from hardship, trying to live decently outside of the law.

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Folk Art – Street Art

Ariano FolkFestival is devoted to raising awareness of the local community, as well as the guests of the festival, toward the importance of urban upbringing and the significance of the art in public spaces. As a product of street art enthusiasts and friendship oriented activity, Folkart is supported by ziguline magazine. This web magazine is committed to culture, art, photography and music and after six years of existing, it has become one of the most popular alternative magazines in Italy. During the 2014 edition of Folkart, Chekos’art, together with Persico, had created an inspiring street art piece depicting Mick Jagger…

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Buying it from the Creative Source

Gallerists seek out artists, collectors come to galleries. This is how it usually works. But, if a collector is more than just a rich, fine item hoarder, he/she might be more interested in looking into the artists’ pool without an intermediary and perhaps finding that one precious gem they will adore forever. And although buying from a gallery has its benefits in guarantees that the art is of high standard, likely to hold on the future market, and of substantial artistic and subsequently historic value, there is an irresistible appeal in the possibility of skipping a gallery fee, not to mention an auction house fee. Direct contact with artists and he intention to buy from their studios allows a very personal approach in collection building, where the collector has the freedom to make his collection truly his own.

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Terry’s Tits

Terry Richardson is one of the most famous and simultaneously most outrageous fashion photographers today. He’s had photoshoots with the most famous magazines, models, and celebrities, from GQ, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Rolling Stone and Purple, to Beyonce, Giselle Bundchen, Lady Gaga and even Barack Obama! He directed the notorious Wrecking Ball video for young and reckless Miley Cirus, where his favorite sexually provocative style is completely in focus. Terry Richardson’s studio has been the place where many models god photographed, with their clothes on, or without. This is where the numerous accusations for alleged sexual abuse kept appearing over the years, but Richardson has never been charged with any crime.

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