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Igor Amelkovich – The Importance of Body Language

April 10, 2015
Balasz Takac is alias of Vladimir Bjelicic who is actively engaged in art criticism, curatorial and artistic practice.

Fascination with Human Body

Fascination with human body was a focal point of photographers since the invention of the medium. Variations on the theme of body explorations are multiple, and so are the approaches. Anyhow, it is certain that such a depictions stood as some kind of anthropological studies. How does a body is perceived towards socially accepted aesthetic norms was and still is a rather frequent topic. Especially focusing on a female body is a provocative subject depending from the personal perspective of an author.

Igor Amelkovich - Uncontrollable photo view site digital featured photos page gallery search
Igor Amelkovich – Uncontrollable

Bodily preoccupations of Igor Amelkovich

Russian photographer Igor Amelkovich dedicated his whole opus entirely to specifics of shape and form of female body. Drawing inspiration from works of celebrated photographers like Helmut Newton or Howard Schatz, he is primarily concentrated on representation of naked woman. By combining digital and analogue techniques he is producing array body of work based primarily on nudes, but also incorporating landscapes.

Although it may appear so, those are not just bare nude images. They are, obviously, a product of Amelkovichs obsession with naked female body, yet they express refined eroticism as well as supreme sensuality. Most of his erotic photographic series can be considered as dignifying towards female bodies, but some can be potentially misogynistic. While positioning bodies in natural environment, making them pose in dreamy and sensual manner, Amelkovich is producing compositions suggesting potential godliness of shown woman. As if they are some kind of bold heroines ready to confront all possible troubles and challenges. But, when they are blindfolded, or with face covered with cloth or tied up, it might seem like they become some kind of silent objects in service of spectators fantasies.

Either way, photographer insists that for him woman are the concentrated beauty of nature. Amelkovich is quiet sentimental and has nostalgia for old school erotic photography, therefore he is capturing exclusively natural female bodies, unlike pompous glossy magazine editorials with pumped models. Whether those are black and white or in color, it is for sure that these images are skillfully executed and every aspect from pose pattern to light is deliberated with high proficiency.

Igor Amelkovich - Exempted photo view site digital featured photos page gallery search
Igor Amelkovich – Exempted

Language of a Body

Photographic book called Land of Erotic Beauty was published by Edition Skylight on 2012., and has converged about one hundred and eighty photographs divided into various themed sections. Emphasizing the fact that we have arrived naked into this world, Amelkovich was trying to reveal cultural codes and perception of nakedness, articulating the importance of body language which is almost forgotten in contemporary society.

Exploiting his voyeurism to the maximum, the author remains consistent to his own vision of erotica. Although, such an objectification of female body can be a matter of debate, it is definite that these omnipresent portrayals of female nudity by Igor Amelkovich are sophisticated and solid contribution to peculiar genre of erotic photography.

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Igor Amelkovich - Sunset Dreams
Igor Amelkovich – Sunset Dreams
Igor Amelkovich - Space of Freedom photo view site digital featured photos page gallery search
Igor Amelkovich – Space of Freedom
Igor Amelkovich - Icequeen
Igor Amelkovich – Icequeen
Igor Amelkovich - Olympia and her body
Igor Amelkovich – Olympia and her body
Igor Amelkovich - Dangerous Addiction
Igor Amelkovich – Dangerous Addiction
Igor Amelkovich - Carnal Games
Igor Amelkovich – Carnal Games
Igor Amelkovich - Aquatic Dance photo photos
Igor Amelkovich – Aquatic Dance
Igor Amelkovich - Agricultural Secrets photo photos
Igor Amelkovich – Agricultural Secrets

Featured and all the other images are courtesy of the artist