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In Focus Next Week: August 10 - 16

  • Urban Spree Berlin
  • Backwoods Melbourn
  • Rotofugi Chicago
  • Ruttkowski;68 Cologne
  • Mirus San Francisco
August 9, 2015

Hello, art fans! While the summer is still hot, and while I am still frutilesly waiting for some rain, or some wind, or some thunderstorms – or all of the above – that will make this heat just a bit more bearable, the art season is moving along. It might be slow, it might has slightly less power than a few months ago, but it has not lost much – if any – of its quality, by all means.

So, what is on the art menu during the next week? We have selected four solo exhibitions, and one festival. On August 14th, on Friday, as many as four events will be opened. First, at Backwoods gallery from Melbourne, Australia, artist Jonathan Guthmann will have his Apocalypse exhibition, inspired by the Bible, with contemporary vision(s) of Apocalypse. On the same day, A Stone and A Wish exhibition will take place at Rotofugi gallery in Chicago, Illionis, where will be presented some astonishing new works by Jesse Reno. Also on Friday, Jason Williams will have his Revok exhibition at Ruttkowski;68, a gallery from Cologne, Germany. Finally, the fourth event on August 14th will be the opening of DRUCK Berlin Festival at Urban Spree gallery, with some amazing prints by some famous artists – be careful not to miss it, as it will close on Sunday, August 16th. The fifth event that we have chosen for you will take place on Saturday, August 15th, at Mirus gallery in San Francisco, where will be presented some stunning artworks by Casey Cripe at One Is All Is One exhibition. Enjoy your week!

Jonathan Guthmann


Opening: August 14th

Backwoods gallery

Melbourne, Australia

…Although questions that the Bible refers to will always remain relevant, many find that the conventional religion is too archaic and detached from the reality. That’s why Jonathan Guthmann gives the Bible a modern twist. The artist known for his infamous drawings of penises portrayed on top of newspaper pages, in his new body of work hasn’t completely given up from his main motif. In fact, Jonathan Guthmann’s Apocalipse is loaded with erect phalluses…

Jesse Reno

A Stone & A Wish

Opening: August 14th

Rotofugi gallery

Chicago, United States

…Perhaps chaotic at first sight, artworks of Jesse Reno are rich in symbolism, dragging the observers into a truly magical world of his unique artistic vision. His art is rooted in the child-like imagination and archetypical imagery influenced by his interest in primitive and native societies, which can be best seen in his works depicting shamanic figures and totem animals. The self-titled “neo-primitivism” of Jesse Reno is to be explored once again in Chicago through an array of works following the theme of science and magic as binary forces which control our world…

DRUCK Berlin Festival

Opening: August 14th

Urban Spree

Berlin, Germany

…The third edition of the DRUCK Berlin Festival is about to take place at Urban Spree in Berlin. Prepare yourself for some great prints, since DRUCK Festival is the silk-screen print festival gathering the works by some of the most renowned artist. The festival aims to provide a comprehensive look – through interaction – into everything related to silk-screen printing. DRUCK Berlin presents a rare collection of prints from known artists such as Banksy, Oskar Rink, Morgan Betz, Richard Duardo and Bonnie & Clyde…

Jason Williams


Opening: August 14th

Ruttkowski;68 gallery

Cologne, Germany

…Revok exhibition in Cologne will feature more than a dozen artworks – geometric forms and assemblages. These artworks were made by rejected and thrown objects that Williams had found on the streets, thus giving them a new life and a new meaning. His geometric forms had been so carefully made and crafted, that, on the first look, they appear to be computer generated pictures…

Casey Cripe

One Is All Is One

Opening: August 15th

Mirus Gallery

San Francisco, United States

…Casey Cripe considers his work as something between art and science. For almost six years the artist has been collecting diagrams and illustrations that, as he believes, represent elements of our visual and cultural database that is the primary focus of his works. He explored libraries, bookstores and websites to collect cultural artifacts that represent fragments of the Universe, but also the personal image library for the artist. Culling deeply form the elements of this cultural database, Casey Cripe creates mix-media artworks that represent patterns, symbols and motifs of his encyclopedic exploration…

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Featuring image: DRUCK Berlin Festival (courtesy of DRUCK Berlin Festival).

Also in slider: – Jonathan Guthmann – A Sketch (courtesy of Backwoods gallery) – Jesse Reno – Rain Dancer, 2015, detail (courtesy of Jesse Reno and Rotofugi Gallery) – Jason Williams Revok – photo by Jon Lake, detail – Casey Cripe – Energy / Matter (courtesy of Mirus gallery).