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In Focus: March 2 - 8

  • MoMA New York
  • Galerie Mathgoth
  • Kopeikin Gallery
  • Galerie Perrotin
  • Weekly Highlights
March 1, 2015
Ana Bambic Kostov specializes in contemporary art writing, editing, content creation and management. Connect via LinkedIn

Along with the first hints of spring, the first week of March is bringing the first art week of the year, mostly concentrated in New York. Collectors are looking forward to The Armory Show, followed by renowned events such as PULSE, Paper Fair, Volta NY, Independent and ADAA Art Fair. In Europe, the season is led by Art Karlsruhe, opening on March 5, same as the majority of the America based art market events. Although all the eyes will be directed towards the fairs, we mustn’t neglect some of the spectacular exhibitions coming up!

The controversial (but fun) photographer, Terry Richardson, is having a solo at Galerie Perrotin in Paris. The same city is to host a joint exhibition of Jef Aerosol and Lee Jeffries at Mathgoth Galerie, while all the way on the West Coast, Kopeikin Gallery is opening quite a lubricious show entitled Preservation.Finally, as the week ends with March 8, The International Women’s Day, there are two special events emphasizing the power of women – Femme Fierce: Reloaded in London and Björk exhibition opening at MoMA, exactly on Sunday. Rarely is a week so populated with fantastic art events like the next one!

Jef Aérosol and Lee Jeffries


Opening: March 6

Mathgoth Galerie

Paris, France

…The joint show of Jef Aérosol and Lee Jeffries, Synergy, came about after Aérosol had become aware of the work of British photographer Jeffries and the distinctive yet sensitive way he depicts the homeless people he meets. Stencil artist Jef Aérosol has also become recognised for his works that often feature anonymous people from the streets whether it is street musicians, beggars or children and so the connection was made in the mind of Aérosol that the potent photographic images of Lee Jeffries would work well as stencils. The two artists met up in early 2014 and got on so well they decided there and then that they would do a joint show at some point in the future. Synergy at Galerie Mathgoth in Paris is the result of that meeting, revealing the real stars to be the homeless people that allow Lee Jeffries to document their life etched faces, beautiful portraits of those looked down on in society that now sit next to the interpretations created by Jef Aérosol for this show and a set of works created jointly by the artists that see photography and stencil art complete each other…

Blake Little


Opening: March 7

Kopeikin Gallery

Los Angeles, USA

…Blake Little has created a series of tantalizing photographs of people covered in honey. The name of the series is more than allusive. Little shot more than 80 models of varying shapes and sizes, as well as a tattooed couple, a baby and even a dog. 68 of those photographs became the book Preservation, Little’s fourth publication…

Terry Richardson

The Sacred and The Profane

Opening: March 7

Galerie Perrotin

Paris, France

…What started with the intention to document fairs, festivals and parades as part of American summer rituals in the Western states, ended up being a series of images of opposing ideas. Taken over the last two years, the photographs focus on the tension between religion and sex, and how they exist concurrently and dependently on each other. In a statement describing the project, Terry Richardsonaddresses America’s “fear of sexuality” and how this caused events such as the Westboro Baptist Church, Prohibition, Blue Laws and the Salem Witch Trials. Comparing religious groups to the one of the Puritan ancestors in the past, he brings evidence of the influence of the church, where they would place billboards of Jesus next to an ad for a pornography store. He also points out that while those who do not attend religious ceremonies are doomed, “guns are available easily in most places, and poverty, bigotry, ignorance, and hatred are pervasive in society, more-so in places that seem to be the most evangelical…

Femme Fierce: Reloaded

Street Art Festival

Starting: March 6

Croydon, UK

…The main action of the all female festival Femme Fierce: Reloaded occurs in March but several events are occurring in the run up to the street art and graffiti that will be created in Leake Street. In conjunction with the RISE Gallery based in Croydon (that hosted an exhibition by Damien Hirst in the latter part of 2014), Femme Fierce did a Croydon Takeover earlier in February with a paint jam that saw the female artists transform the area by creating street art and graffiti on over 60 shutters and walls in St. George’s Walk. This will be followed up by the UK’s largest all female group gallery show at the RISE Gallery from the 26th February that will feature street artists such as Artista, Pang, Zina and International Nobody. There will also be a number of seminars and workshops aimed at those working with street art and graffiti such as Marketing for Street Artists and Cans, Caps and Colours: Essential Knowledge for Graffiti Street Artists


Opening: March 8


New York, USA

…The Björk exhibition at MoMA is some sort of retrospective of the artist’s work. At the Museum’s lobbies on the first floor, four musical instruments from Biophilia are on view, programed to play sound and music composed by the artist. In the Marron Atrium, a two-story structure is specifically built for the Björk exhibition’s acoustical needs. For each Björk’s album, a complex, multifaceted character was created, represented though visual images that express her music. In the same space, the Björk’s newest character and album will be featured in an immersive music and film experience, Black Lake. Also, a cinema space will show a presentation of Björk’s music videos. In her videos, she embraced elements of experimental video and filmmaking, narration, performance and technology. Björk as artist has unique style and approach that has had a huge influence on contemporary music, performance and music videos…

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