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In Focus Next Week: April 6 - 12

  • PUBLIC Street Art Festival 2014
  • Openspace Gallery
  • Robert Fontaine Gallery
  • Artist of the Week: REVOK
  • 44309 Street Art Gallery
April 5, 2015
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Despite the holiday, we have exactly zero bunnies in our focus for the coming week! Still, all kinds of other colorful characters are to come in the form of street and urban art, both in exhibition and festival form. As we expected, the season of outdoor creativity is starting to flourish, so our choice for the post-Easter week counts five events and a lot more artists, all coming from the new contemporary movement. A melting pott of urban expression is opening Monday at 44309 Gallery, showing a number of hottest artists from the national scene. Australian city of Perth is opening another edition of the grand PUBLIC Street Art Festival, enticing our enthusiasm with promise of new spectacular murals. Library Street Collective is showing new works of REVOK, who we chose as the Artist of the Week, while Anthony Lister is presenting his latest painterly achievements at the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami. At last, an amazing urban-interventionist from Tel Aviv, Know Hope, is having a solo in Paris at the gallery famous for supporting urban art, Openspace.

So, from Dortmund to Perth, from Detroit to Miami and back to Paris, the coming week in April promises lots of worldwide art-citement!

And of course – Happy Easter!

Urban Pott

Opening: April 6

44309 Street Art Gallery

Dortmund, Germany

…One of the legends of street art and the father of stencil art, Blek le Rat is one the older generation street artists to be exhibiting in theUrban Pott group show at 44309 Street Art Gallery. Considered to be one of the first artists to create street art with stencils and to be an influence of Banksy, Blek le Rat has been creating street art since 1981 and will have a number of his iconic images on show at Urban Pott, including David with AK-47, His Master is Voiceless and Diana in Paradise. Charles Uzzell-Edwards, better known in the street art world as Pure Evil, also known for stencil work, will have two works on show at the Urban Pott group show, one of which is inspired byJean-Michel Basquiat

PUBLIC Street Art Festival

Opening: April 10

Perth, Australia

…The Australian street art festival, Public 2015, has invited what looks to be a wonderful line-up of street artists to transform Perth this year. The renowned DALeast will no doubt be creating one of his beautiful creatures for the people of Australia, while Phlegm will also be in Perth with his wonderfully weird and surreal illustrations. Saner will hopefully be conjuring up some of his colourful characters and we look forward to seeing what Fintan Magee paints at Public 2015. Other street artists appearing at the Australian street art festival include Andrew Hem, Hense, Elian, Curiot, Waone and AEC (Interesni Kazki), Eko Nugroho, Moneyless, Baby Guerilla, Twoone, Stormie Mills, Brett Chan, Chris Nixon, Hayley Welsh, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Amok Island, Casey Temby, Straker and Andrew Frazer


Made in Detroit

Opening: April 10

Library Street Collective

Detroit, USA

…The works to be presented at REVOK’s solo exhibition are a culmination of his new ideas that spawned since moving back to Los Angeles in 2013 after a two-year stay in Detroit. During his inspiring and productive time in the city, REVOK gained influence from found materials in the physical environment that led to a series of assemblages constructed from artifacts scavenged throughout the city: broken street signs, pieces of abandoned churches, charred skeletons of severed banks. As a citizen of Detroit, he gathered the remnants of life and stories past. Moving back to L.A. the artist felt the need to reinvent himself through his new environment…

Anthony Lister

Black Door Limousine

Opening: April 11

Robert Fontaine Gallery

Miami, USA

Anthony Lister’s paintings and installations draw immediately from his surroundings. And this means lite every thing from what he reads and sees to what he eat for lunch. Everythong is relevant and the obvious is a valid source of inspiration. In effect, his works are parodies of modern life. Lister doesn’t separate art from social meaning. His imagery can be read as having a political and social message that engages with good versus evil, right versus wrong. Characterised by subject matter painted on large areas of monochromatic ground, Lister’s work reveals a tension between figuration and abstraction, which is evident in his series of Super-heroes. These subjects indicate concern for how the human condition will evolve within the electronic and communications culture and the ever-changing, recyclable environment of today. His mixed media technique, involving layers of ink, spray and brushwork, allow his paintings to simultaneously have soft ethereality and a garish, raw energy…

Know Hope

Water Takes the Shape of Its Container

Opening: April 11


Paris, France

Water Takes the Shape of Its Container at Openspace Gallery, is an exhibition in which street artist Know Hope is exploring themes around collective situations and our individual places within that collective. The title of the solo exhibition specifically relates to how political situations around us change our emotional state and how we are shaped by external forces. The installation that Know Hope has created for his debut solo exhibition in France is very much about the collective situation, a pile of coloured tree stumps representing a collective, with each individual stump having its own personal narrative within the collective. Know Hope will also present twenty previously unseen works of art, which consist of beautiful assemblages, that incorporate a range of found photos and objects, coupled with the distinctive drawings of Know Hope on found paper and card…

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Slider images:

Phlegm, Perth (2014). Photograph by Luke Shirlaw. Image courtesy of FORM.

KNOW HOPE – Reflecting on This, courtesy of Openspace;

Anthony Lister – Cats Fur Jackets 2015, detail, Courtesy of Robert Fontaine Gallery;

REVOK – Mural;

Alice Pasquini – Urban Pott Group Show, Courtesy of 44309 Gallery.