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In Focus Next Week: June 22 - 28

  • Art is Just a Four Letter Word Soest Exhibition Super A
  • Kunsthaus Rhenania, Cologne
  • Jonathan LeVine 20th west 2015
  • Soze Gallery
  • art is just a four letter word
June 21, 2015
Ana Bambic Kostov specializes in contemporary art writing, editing, content creation and management. Connect via LinkedIn

Street art, public art, color, vivacious prints, vibrant ideas – all of them are taking over the realm of art as the summer is blooming. It’s only just that the full spectrum is upon us with the long, heart-warming rays sunlight, announcing lots of creativity, fun and outdoor art for the so-called ‘slow’ gallery season. Still, the season in some of the best urban art galleries is anything but slow. In the week ahead we look forward to the exhibitions at MYA Gallery in London evoking the art of the wall. The very artistic city of Cologne is welcoming a huge event dedicated to prints and visual solutions, Graphic Days, while Art is Just a Four Letter Word from the German town of Soest introduces a witty combo of P. Winkel and Super A, an exhibition juxtaposing two brilliantly quirky expressions. SOZE Gallery from Culver City, the place we love, announced the new expo by Zio Ziegler. Finally, Jonathan LeVine announced two amazing shows for the upcoming week. One involves a wonderful street art mind, EVOL, while the other paints the story of female image representation in today’s new contemporary art. Last week of June, first week of the official summer, and an array of wonderful art shows to get that free spirit going. Happy summer everyone!

Entre Muros

Opening: June 25

MYA Gallery

London, UK

…This new-found liberty proved a fertile ground for street art movement to bloom turning local streets into rich canvases. Due to the lack of materials the artists were forced to think creatively and innovatively developing within illustration and murals. For this exhibition Maximiliano Ruiz introduces upcoming artists as Jaz, Doma and Elian from Argentina, Curiot and Saner from Mexico, Cekis from Chile, Decertor from Peru, Rafael Hayashi and Rodrigo Branco from Brazil as well as already recognized ones as Inti from Chile, Stinkfish of Colombia and Alexis Diaz from Puerto Rico. Entre Muros promises to be original and exciting display of South America’s talents….

Graphic Days Cologne

Opening: June 26

Cologne, Germany

…Numerous graphics and visual art exhibitions will be on display at Graphic days Cologne in Kunsthaus Rhenania. Contemporary German artists and designers such as Jim Avignon, Andreas Preis and Lars P.Krause will be presenting their latest works at the festival exhibiting space. The permanent large scale group exhibition titled URBAN ART CLASH that features numerous local and international representatives of  contemporary art, urban art and photography will be presented at Graphic Days Cologne festival, along with an exhibition of paintings and drawing by Berlin-based artist Christopher Kieling. There will be a variety of interesting activities accompanying the art shows such as live performances, live paintings, DJs, parties and many other. Last but not least, an extensive art market will be organized and over 40 participants have already confirmed their presence…

P. Winkel VS Super A

Wonder World

Opening: June 26

Art is Just a Four Letter Word

Soest, Germany

…For the Wonder World show at art is just a four letter word gallery in Soest, P. WInkel and Super A combine and intertwine different subjects as well as their styles into new collaborations which tell a different story within different layers in the works. The realistic painting skills and storytelling of Super A on the one hand interact with the hand painted typography and simple illustrations of P. Winkel on the other hand…

Zio Ziegler

The Psyche’s Gestures

Opening: June 27

SOZE Gallery

Culver City, USA

…In such conditions, Zio Ziegler tries to stay bound to the existence of a context, a reason, an emotion that an artist tries to transmit through his artwork. For Zio Ziegler, this is the core of art, the purest for of truth that we are irrevocably losing in a battle with all things pretty, but completely shallow. He warns us of our own warped perceptions: we have replaced an artwork’s artistic value with the monetary one, and when numbers replace the feeling that artwork should trigger in a viewer, it is clear we are not far from the edge of disaster…


Opening: June 27

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

New York, USA

Trifecta group exhibition at Jonathan LeVine brings together three international female artists who are at the forefront of a contemporary art movement, reimagining representations of women. Through an array of media, Handiedan, Mimi Scholz and Sandra Chevrier use the female figure as their subject and are strong voices for a new generation of artists. The curator of the show is Yasha Young. In conjunction with Trifecta, each of the artists will release a limited-edition print…

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Slider images: Super A – Queen Elizabeth II, 2015, oil on canvas, detail, Courtesy Art is Just a Four Letter Word; Graphic Days Colone Poster, (detail); Sandra Chevrier -La Cage et le drapeau déchu (detail), Courtesy Jonathan LeVine; Zio Ziegler – To Be Beyond The Idea of You, detail. Courtesy SOZE Gallery; P.Winkel – What You See (detail), 2015, Courtesy Art is Just a Four Letter Word.