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In Focus Next Week: June 8 - 14

  • Vichy Photography Festival In Focus
  • Dorothy Circus Gallery
  • widewalls artist of the week
  • Galo Art Gallery
  • Jan Kossen Gallery
June 7, 2015
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In a week just before the glorified Art Basel in Basel, urban art stars are still occupying our attention. In the week to come, exhibitions we heart are somehow concentrated first of all in Italy, in its two great street art capitals – Rome and Turin. New works by brilliant popular muralists and urban creatives, from 2501, to Peeta and further – Tara McPherson, will take over the visual realm of the beautiful cradle of western culture. New York is naturally filled with great openings, but we like the upcoming Hiroomi Ito show at Jan Kossen. At the Turin’s own urban Galo Art Gallery, Neve and Peeta will be presenting their very differents ideas of light. Finally there is perhaps the most interesting of all events, at least for earnest photography lovers – the Photography Festival in Vichy, France, with a timeless and ever-interesting theme of the year – Portraits. So, in the seven days ahead, we like to relax and concentrate on vivid creations of the new contemporary, while the posh scene we’ll be looking at (hopefully) in the week beyond.


Nomadic Experiment – on the Brink of Disaster

Opening: June 9


Rome, Italy

…After the exhibitions in his home town Milan and overseas in Los Angeles, the trilogy will be concluded at Wunderkammern in Rome.Nomadic Experiment – on the brink of disaster present the reflections of 2501 about the conditions caused by the influence of the modernity on our every day life and the outcomes of mutations induced by the contemporaneity, dancing on the edge or being on the brink of disaster. Diction is swift, obsessive, ephemeral, nourished with artist’s desire to make it dynamic, to explore and experiment with new forms, ideas and materials. Nomadism suggests us the idea of constantly wandering on the experimental journeys, only briefly adapting to new places before continuing the nomadic experiment without any dimensional limitations…

Tara McPherson

I Know It By Heart

Opening: June 11

Dorothy Circus Gallery

Rome, Italy

…For her first solo exhibition in Rome, Tara McPherson will be presenting I Know It by Heart in the sumptuous surroundings of the Dorothy Circus Gallery Red Hall, a perfect setting for her dark female figures. Much of the new show centres on the life experience of becoming a mother, with the figure in Quantum Dancer representing female divinity, symbolising the power of creation and destruction. The iconic McPherson character, The Girl with No Heart, Orion, who is always represented as a female figure with a heart shaped hole in her body standing for strength and resilience, will guide the viewer through an unseen constellation of emotions and feelings in the new artworks. With a personal experience of becoming a mother, Tara McPherson explores the new grounds of love and creation in I Know It by Heart, providing us with her usual strange imagery but this time accompanied by a surprisingly fresh and charming use of colour…

Hiroomi Ito

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Opening: June 11

Jan Kossen Gallery

New York, USA

…The Chrysanthemum and the Sword exhibition at Jan Kossen Gallery will present works by Hiroomi Ito questioning the position of traditional family values in contemporary Japanese society. In many of his works, the food (symbolizing family value) is one of the main subject-matters. Inspired by European 15th century still life paintings of the natural world, Hiroomi Ito depicts dishes typically found in Asia, as a reference to both devotional and secular images. There is so much symbolism in his paintings. For example, the gold represents the wealth of the owner, or “master of the home”. The steam generated by the cooking fire, represents the passion life, and the ability to have the strength to deliver “food on the table” – to provide well for the home. After all, it is all about the status of family in modern Japan…

Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival

Opening: June 12

Vichy, France

…The Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival will present an extraordinary variety of views on portraiture. German photographer Martin Schoeller created close-up portraits of twins which challenge the notions of identity. Picking up the moments of the streets was Bruce Wrighton, who died in 1988 in Binghamton, NY, the city whose citizens he photographed. Capturing the atmosphere of rock concerts is French photographer Richard Pak, while Alejandro Cartagena brings portraits of workers from Mexico City. On view will also be the intriguing self-portraits by Kourtney Roy, a photographer from Canada, and that of Mat Jacob, who traveled the world taking photos of people around it. The L’Une et l’Autre exhibition will present an extract from Carnets de Route series of photographic tales developed in the Voix! workshops and open to victims of exclusion and female residents of Aurore Association shelters…

Neve & Peeta

Drops of Light

Opening: June 13

Galo Art Gallery

Turin, Italy

…This June, Galo Art Gallery from Turin is bringing two internationally renowned Italian artists – Neve and Peeta. Although both of them have different approaches and styles, their works will be exhibited together during the show entitled Drops of Light. Neve and Peeta have very different artworks, however they do have at least one thing in common – attention to absolute detail. Yet, it’s not the only element that connects the art of these two amazing artists. The hyper-realistic style that characterized the latest works by Neve goes along perfectly with Peeta’s works examining the potential of sculptural lettering (both in painting and in sculpture). So, prepare yourselves for a truly great show, and do your best to visit Galo Art Gallery in Turin, during the Drops of Light exhibition…

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Slider images: Eloy, Arizona, 2015. Unpublished series (c) Kourtney Roy, from Portrait(s) Vichy Photography Festival; Tara McPherson – Hey We All Die Sometimes, Courtesy of Dorothy Circus Gallery; 2501, Internazionali BNL Work in Progress 2, courtesy of Nicola Cerza; Neve – UBRIS (detail), Courtesy of Galo Art Gallery; Hiroomi Ito – Fish and Shellfish Nabe Byobu, 2012, Courtesy of Jan Kossen.