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In Focus Next Week: March 9 - 15

  • Sickboy
  • ArtNow NY
  • Lazarides Rathbone
  • 886 Geary Gallery
  • art fair
March 8, 2015
Ana Bambic Kostov specializes in contemporary art writing, editing, content creation and management. Connect via LinkedIn

The Armory week is coming to an end, but the art fair season has only just begun! With it, the street art scene seems to be awakening, perhaps due to the clearer skies. But, before all the street art festivals really kick in in the course of next month, there will be several super-cool shows to visit, scattered all over the urban (OK, western) hemisphere. Our friend Sickboy is having his French spectacle next week, and just to get hyped up, listen to our talk to the man on Widewalls podcast. The same date across the pond is reserved for a wonderful group exhibition Urbanology hosted by ArtNowNY. The following day brings yet another Lazarides exhibitional endeavor in the form of new pieces by Pete Hawkins, while one of the biggest events in the scene is expected at 886Geary in San Francisco where Graffuturism is to have their 5th anniversary group show. When we look at the art fairs stretching throughout the moody March, Asia is pretty much in focus next week. Art Basel, before coming to the real Basel, is having its Hong Kong edition towards the end of the seven-day period, starting on Sunday. Preceding it, there is a renowned European art fair TEFAF, held in the Dutch Maastricht, offering yet another extravaganza in the world of high-end collectables. Whether you are a young enthusiast, a collector or a serious connoisseur, the coming week of March will have something to offer!



Opening: March 12

Galerie Le Feuvre

Paris, France

…The new solo exhibition by Sickboy will see the UK street artist conquer France with his own unique personal worlds created within his paintings that are comprised of memories from natural and urban environments that are collected wherever he goes. The chaotic and colourful creations to be found in the solo exhibition Supernature at Galerie Le Feuvre all came to life from what Sickboy calls his personal references material, all those elements from both the city and nature that act as a starting point for the compositions. Although these compositions can appear chaotic and sometimes psychedelic, it is obvious that they are carefully constructed and thought out, for example the use of signs and symbols can make the narrative more or less complicated while the placement of lines and forms can heavily influence how the painting is read. The works in the solo exhibition Supernature offer a portal into a vibrant mind and a fantastical world where random body parts compete for space with pyramids and flowers while a coffin shaped figure and ships regularly appear in some form…


Opening: March 12


New York, USA

…The artists have been asked to tell a story of the urban landscape and all that makes a part of it – the people, animals, buildings, railroads, bridges, sidewalks, streets, nature. To give cities a new identity. Using their imagination, these four creative minds depicted new visions of abandoned neighborhoods, new or painted buildings, disappearing public objects, portraying urban art as a beautiful part of the environment. In their own words, the artist say they all find inspiration in the “color and depth given to these otherwise dull objects” and that this way, they collaborate with often anonymous street artists, whose work they observe and tackle in their own art. By creating a parallel universe where the outdoors is celebrated and preserved, they translate or transform elements of real life into paintings and architectural mini-structures, created from the unique point of view of every individual…

Pete Hawkins

I See You See

Opening: March 13

Lazarides Rathbone

London, UK

…The Pete Hawkins solo exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone sees the artist further exploring areas that lie between reality and imagination with themes that often describe childhood dreams and our desires as adults to return to those carefree days, that perhaps emerge from the roaming family lifestyle Hawkins had that saw the artist live in 12 countries by the age of twenty. Pete Hawkins regularly uses reclaimed materials to craft his oil paintings on; previous solo exhibitions included work painted onto vintage school desktops and old doors from Yorkshire in the UK, that imbue the works with a sense of history that is scarred by the process of life. Storytelling is at the heart of all the works in this new Pete Hawkins solo exhibition, turning mundane everyday objects into fantastical tales such as the painting featuring elephants suspended from hot air balloons and the female figure walking in a hamster wheel, a direct illustration of the themes he explores around the narratives of innocence and experience, naivety and knowledge along with social commentary on the modern world…

Graffuturism: 5th Anniversary Show

Opening: March 14

886Geary Gallery

San Francisco, USA

…The Graffuturism 5 Year Anniversary Show at 886 Geary Gallery will feature a host of urban and graffiti artists familiar to regular readers of Widewalls, who have established themselves in the contemporary art scene, particularly since the Graffuturism blog was established in 2010 to showcase the work of urban and graffiti artists that were underrepresented in the scene. The Graffuturism blog set out to cover graffiti artists who were pushing the boundaries and exploring progressive hybrid directions in their work and the newer street artists working like graffiti artists. Since 2010, Graffuturism has become one of the most organised international groups of artists in the urban and graffiti art scene, using the internet and social media to connect with others who share common interests. Graffuturism though, is not an art movement in the traditional sense, it is just a word and the real power of the group is in the actions of the artists collectively…

TEFAF Maastricht 2015

Opening: March 13

Maastricht, Netherlands

…The novelty of this year’s TEFAF Maastricht is that it will be the host of one guest-curated contemporary exhibition – this year that curators will be Sydney Picasso and Hidde van Seggelen, that will curate the exhibition of post-modern and contemporary sculpture that is called Night Fishing, with works of well known artists Georg Baselitz and Tony Cragg, to name a couple. Who wants to see the work of the old masters, should go to the Weiss Gallery where it would be the collection of Frans Pourbus the Younger, nine works of this artist that lived in the second half of 16th and the beginning of the 17th century. Then, there will be The Madonna and Child with a Goldfinchof Moretti gallery, the painting that was at first thought that it was Sandro Botticelli’s and that was created in the second half of 15th century (in 1480, to be precise), but, in the 1930’s the experts changed their mind, and said this painting was made in the 16th century, by someone in Botticelli’s workshop. Who is more fond of the art of the 20th century, surely should check out the paintings of two London based galleries – Dickinson and Thomas Gibson Fine Art. The first brings to the TEFAF Kees van Dongen’s Lailla (from 1908), while the latter London’s gallery brings Laurette au châle vert by Henri Matisse…

Art Basel Hong Kong 2015

Opening: March 15

Hong Kong, China

…As a symbolic bridge between Asia and the West, Art Basel Hong Kong art fair brings together the very best of contemporary Asian art, Asia-Pacific region art and the art of the Western world. Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 will cover twelve decades of art history. The main program is divided into six sectors: Galleries, Insights, Discoveries, Encounters, Magazines and Film. The art fair will display the highest quality of paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs and video from the 20th and 21st centuries. The works by more than 3,000 artists from Asia and around the globe will be on show, from emerging talents to the Modern masters. The Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 is also a platform for cross-cultural exchanges for artists, collectors, gallerists, and visitors. The art fair will offer extensive opportunities for deliberations and discussions about new trends and developments in the world of art…Keep your focus – sign up for My Widewalls![mc4wp_form]