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In Focus Next Week: May 18-24

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  • Contemporary by Angela Li
May 17, 2015
Ana Bambic Kostov specializes in contemporary art writing, editing, content creation and management. Connect via LinkedIn

A rather global mix of contemporary, urban and selling art is expecting us in the week to come, disallowing us to focus on one city alone. Heaps of auctions are undergoing, while the New York art week is coming to an end. Still, an exciting art market event is announced in London this time, namely Art 15, which always surprises collectors with new promising names in the contemporary scene. Across the Earth, in Asia, we are looking forward to two exhibitions: one in Hong Kong, where photographs of monumental spirit by Peter Steinhauer will be shown at Angela Li Contemporary; and the second one in Shanghai, at our favorite Magda Danysz gallery, where Liu Bolin will be showcasing his mind-boggling pieces. Urban art events are all oriented a bit westward. Parisian Galerie Le Feuvre will host a show by all new pieces by MIST. And finally, Detroit based Library Street Collective will be hosting the next issue of Printed Matters exhibition series by the street art mogul Shepard Fairey. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Fairey on Widewalls, coming up this Monday!

Art15 London

Opening: May 21

London, UK

…One of the highlights of the Art15 Art Fair London will be the booth of Coates and Scarry Gallery. They will present the works by amazing Kate MccGwire (whose work SIREN attracts a lot of attraction at Venice Biennale), Dean Melbourne, Lisa Wright and Henry Hussey. Henry Hussey is a young British artist whose work brings together vintage, hand-dyed and printed fabrics, embroidery and bead-work in the production of rich and emotive textile pieces. Whitechapel Gallery will present the works by Angela De La Cruz, Armando Andrade Tudela, Nazgol Ansarinia, David Batchelor, Peter Liversidge and Zhao Yao. new exhibitors ARNDT (Berlin/Singapore) showcasing the Filipino painter Rodel Tapaya; 10 Chancery Lane (Hong Kong), who are dedicating their space to Huang Rui, a Chinese artist known for his social and cultural criticism; Australian artist Kate Shaw will be creating work on site at Fehily Contemporary’s stand (Melbourne); Zipper Galleria (São Paolo) present one of Brazil’s rising stars James Kudo; Sulger-Buel Lovell (Cape Town/London) showcase the work of emerging sculptor Isabelle Grobler; and the prominent British painter Stella Vine presents new work at COB Gallery (London)…

Peter Steinhauer

Hong Kong: Surface Unseen

Opening: May 21

Contemporary by Angela Li

Hong Kong, CN

…The photographs of Peter Steinhauer depict both architecture and the still mostly unspoiled pieces of nature found nearby. The images of the urban elements such as buildings seem a web of abstract shapes and graphic lines, structured to interact with each other in an unbreakable bond. Different and unique, they all look alike at the same time, providing the same things to every inhabitant. These grids stand hand in hand with the abandoned pieces of man-made cityscape standing in vastness, breathing with peace that the city yearns for. Barely touched by man, the nature still reigns here, resisting the imposers and regaining its territories. Whether they’re narrow streets or large, free surfaces, they’re all Hong Kong, and they all have that something that makes this city so special…



Opening: May 21

Galerie Le Feuvre

Paris, France

…Since they have been collaborating since 2009 on New Paintings & Sculptures (2009), Hypotenus (2011) and Son of Actarus (2013) it is evident that the connection between artist and the gallery is strong and fruitful. In his fourth show at the Le Feuvre Gallery he shows his viewers once again how confidently he works with either can or stencils and his abilities to transform himself from street artist to the studio one or to switch from canvas to the sculpture. It seems that MIST sees no limits in his creativity which enables him to constantly reinvent his expression but still leaving the traces of graffiti from which he stemmed from. In the Extraball Mist shows us this ability to transform by mixing figurative characters with letters in endless search of deconstruction and renewal. He never leaves realms of abstract or figurative always exploring the space in between…

Shepard Fairey

Printed Matters

Opening: May 22

Library Street Collective

Detroit, USA

…The Printed Matters solo exhibition by Shepard Fairey in Detroit, with Library Street Collective, focuses on the influence of the art of printing within his work. Having celebrated the 25th anniversary of OBEY in 2014, Shepard Fairey had recognised the fact that people were demanding other versions of his work and started to produce screen print versions of his fine-art pieces, keeping them accessible and affordable. In doing so, Fairey also drew upon his own influences, such as album covers, skateboard graphics, punk flyers and t-shirt designs, along with techniques he picked up from college days, to experiment and embellish his artworks. The distinctive graphic style of Shepard Fairey, which is evident in the Printed Matters solo exhibition, lends itself perfectly to his printing methods, resulting in iconic imagery that is instantly recognisable…

Liu Bolin

Solo show

Opening: May 23

Magda Danysz Gallery

Shanghai, CN

…Liu Bolin became one of China’s most important contemporary artists. Deserved too, given the amount of effort he puts into his art. It combines Chinese pictorial tradition with the nation’s iconic places, people and events, saving their true significance from oblivion and giving them a modern value. In an oppressed society such as the one of China, Liu Bolin joined the group of artists who are controversial and admired for standing up to the system and raising their voices in a fight towards justice in art, but also everyday life of ordinary people. Through his work, he questions the position of an individual within his/her society, as well as the man’s insignificance before the great powers of nature…

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Slider images:

Chun Kwang Young (Skipwiths), Courtesy of Art15 London; MIST Atelier, Courtesy Le Feuvre Gallery; Shepard Fairey – Printed Matters, Exhibition 3, Courtesy LSC; Liu Bolin – Red No.1. Courtesy Magda Danysz Gallery; Peter Steinhauer – Adoremus, Hong Kong, 2015, Courtesy of Contemporary by Angela Li.