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In Focus Next Week: September 7 – 13

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September 6, 2015

Galleries from Germany and the United States are in our focus next week. Many great art events are beginning next week, so the choice wasn’t easy. We could definitely say that the last weeks of August were like a brief calm before a storm. A huge number of great exhibitions, art fairs, auctions and festivals are expected in September. But, let’s see what exhibitions’ openings we have selected. Three exhibitions that are in our focus are taking place in Germany (two in Berlin, one in Dusseldorf). Long-awaited gallery show of one of the most important Berlin street artists Alaniz is opening next week at OPEN WALLS Berlin (before you visit the show, be sure to check out the interview we conducted with Alaniz). Also Berlin-based NOME Gallery is organizing an exhibition of Jacob Appelbaum entitled SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy. For those who like portraits, good news is that the Pretty Portal Gallery from Dusseldorf prepares an exciting group show entitled FACE OFF, featuring four amazing artists. On the other side of the ocean, in the US, Los Angeles-based 101/EXHIBIT Gallery organizes an exhibition of Italian artist Stefania Fesini. Finally, Woodward Gallery from New York celebrates season opening with the group show entitled Decades.


La Calle es un Espejo

Opening: September 10

Open Walls Gallery

Berlin, Germany

…During the Alaniz’ exhibition at Open Walls Gallery, the visitors will have an opportunity to see intimate portraits on canvas captured with oil paint (instead of big murals and his trademark style of roller bombing). The visual aspect of the show puts the focus on the invisible people – protagonists and their stories that live outside the margins of what could be called as a normal life. Based on photographs Alaniz took of the many chance acquaintanceships during his travels and while living in Berlin, his show might have a social conscious at heart but it isn’t preachy, as it offers the audience the opportunity to either just lose itself in the beauty and complexity of his paintings or additionally listen to the connected stories via an accompanying sound installation in order to get the bigger picture…

Jacob Appelbaum

SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy 

Opening: September 10

NOME Gallery

Berlin, Germany

…This will be Jacob Appelbaum’s first solo show (it will be curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli), after his previous collaboration in art projects with Ai Weiwei, Trevor Paglen, Laura Poitras, and others. What is SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy exhibition at NOME gallery in Berlin all about? It will feature six colored infrared photos shown as cibachrome prints, and the persons that are on the photographs are some of the world best-known human rights defenders, whistleblowers, and removers of secrets: they are reveiling information that governments want to keep away from public’s view. At first, these infrared photographs were created as a sign of admiration for people on them, and for their work. And portraited persons are, amongst others, Ai Weiwei, Sarah Harrison and William Binney. Apart from portraits, the exhibition will also feature an artwork called P2P (Panda to Panda), that Appelbaum had created with Ai Weiwei. In panda bears, artists have put shredded documents that once, not that long ago, Edward Snowden, a whistleblower of the highest rank, had given to The Guardian’s journalist Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, an awarded film director. Beside these shredded papers, inside each panda is a micro SD memory card – what’s on the card, we’ll find out when the exhibition opens…

Julian Kimmings, Rowan Newton, Shai Dahan and Various & Gould


Opening: September 11

Pretty Portal Gallery

Dusseldorf, Germany

Shai Dahan is American contemporary painter and street artist who works with painting, drawing, illustrations and installations. He is best known for his street art projects, such as the NYSAT, Underbelly Project, and MOM&POPism. He is inspired by different cultural motifs surrounding him. Since he lived in various countries and cities around the world, Shai Dahan uses a variety of cultural and societal motifs in his work. During his career, he has developed a unique style using acrylic, oils and spray paint to create bold and colorful paint gestures integrated into depictions of iconic and historical figures. Various & Gould is a German artistic duo based in Berlin. The duo is best known for their mural depiction of serious themes like migration, (sexual) identity, death and financial crisis. Their work is highly influenced by (political) poster artwork, Dada and Pop Art. What characterize their beautiful pieces are strong colors and an ambiguous combination of symbols, associations and stereotypes…


Opening: September 12

Woodward Gallery

New York, United States

…When you last and work good for more than two decades, and at the same time you are located in the heart of the art world – Manhattan, New York City – it is obvious that you have some serious collection of artworks at the gallery. Woodward Gallery has an extensive collection of important limited edition prints made by many prominent artists (80’s East Village, Pop, and Gallery’s own artists). But, for this occasion, we bring you the whole lot of artists that, at one time or another, had been exhibited at Woodward Gallery, which just shows the broadness and depth of this famous gallery. Here are all the names: Peter Apelgren, Jean Michel Basquiat, Susan Breen, Michael Brodeur, El Celso, Deborah Claxton, Gregory Corn, Alan D’ Arcangelo, Darkcloud, Natalie Edgar, Marisol Escobar, Fab 5 Freddy, Paul Gauguin, Red Grooms, Tom Hall, Richard Hambleton, Keith Haring, Sarah Hauser, Hiro Ichikawa, Robert Indiana, Jasper Johns, Donald Judd, Janice Johnson, Franz Kline, LAII, Roy Lichtenstein, Mark Mastroianni, Knox Martin, Moody, Margaret Morrison, Robbin Murphy, Kenji Nakayama, Neckface, Terence Netter, Don Nice, Francis Picabia, Jaggu Prasad, Ad Reinhardt, Drew Roth, David Salle, Matt Siren, Frank Stella, Stikman, Ellinor Ströström, Philip Taaffe, Francesco Tumbiolo, Andy Warhol, Charles Yoder, and Charting Ground Zero…

Stefania Fersini

Opening: September 12

101/EXHIBIT Gallery

Los Angeles, United States

…Fersini’s paintings of slightly crumpled magazine pages emphasize the highlights reflected by studio lights shining on the pages’ gloss coated finish. Creases and reflections partly obscure the women of these spreads; their half-parted lips, half-lidded eyes, and laconic poses all markedly and excessively similar. The artist is equally focusing on the photographic image and its lustrous surface. As a consequence, the eye flits between recognizing the original photograph’s perceptual depth–what it depicts–and the image as a physical object. What makes the paintings by Fersini simply amazing is the artist’s painstaking technique that monumentalizes images, despite the ephemeral nature of fashion…

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Images in slider: Alaniz The Street is a Mirror exhibition (courtesy of Open Walls Gallery); Stefania Fersini – The Wild, n9, pag 74, detail (courtesy of 101/EXHIBIT); Knox Martin – Crucifixion. 2010, detail (courtesy of Woodward Gallery); Jacob Appelbaum – Ai Weiwei. 2015, detail (courtesy of NOME Gallery); FACE OFF exhibition (courtesy of Pretty Portal)