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The Permanence of Ink Painting Presented in Group Exhibition at Haven Gallery

  • Sineater
  • M de Vena
  • Peach MoMoKo
  • Richard A Kirk
  • Sleepspeak - Anka Lavriv
March 6, 2016

The development of ink truly transformed our lives. Primarily used for producing handwritten manuscripts, economic, political and religious documents in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece and prehistoric cultures in Asia, the ink, as a smooth medium, alongside with the watercolor, has come into use as ink painting for artistic studies and the works of art. How and to what extent did the ink manage to sustain in the field of art? And how did the art of ink influence modern and contemporary artists? These are just some of the questions that could be resolved at a current group exhibition entitled Permanence. This group show, inspired by the continuum of the ink as an artist medium, introduced ink paintings of Matt Dangler, Lea Barozzi, Julie Filipenko, Anka Lavriv, Brian Viveros, Dorian Vallejo, Caitlin McCormack, Sam Yong, Christina Mrozik, Sin Eater, Lucas Ruggieri, Richard A. Kirk, Kukula, Socar Myles, GodMachine, Brendon Flynn, Andi Soto, Sleepspeak, M. de Vena and Peach MoMoKo, 20 outstanding artists, and is on view at Haven Gallery in Northport, NY, USA.

Exhibition opening
From the exhibition opening

The Multiplicity of Ink Painting

Embracing the permanence and the continuous tradition, the ink, an art form that replaces industrial and technological innovation, was a challenge and inspiration to artists for centuries. From the ancient times, over the period of Renaissance, until the present time, the path of ink evolution was sublime and diverse. Deeply influenced by that evolutionary journey, the group of young, eminent artists, decided to make a collection of meticulous compositions made on paper, with the main focus on the wide range of options of using ink. Beginning with the simple shapes, the creators of this exhibition entitled Permanence, step by step, construct complex, unique compositions filled with lots of details.

 Peach MoMoKo - M de Vena
Left: Peach MoMoKo – Hakai to Saisei IV, (Destruction and Regeneration IV) / Right: M de Vena – Cor cordiumy

The Game – Between Simplicity and Complexity

The compositions presented at Permanence exhibition are mostly monochromatic with some exceptional compositions presented in brown, sepia or colorful mode. Starting with the precisely planned paintings, bathed in the surreal feminine body motifs, over the abstract, long-forgotten landscapes and animals in dreamlike environments to floral decorated skulls, these 20 artists create a marvelous collection of artworks. Their precise pen and brush moves that are flowing across the canvas, take the breath away, constructing the extraordinary game of the light and shadows.

Kukula -L.Barozzi
Left: Kukula – Sicile / Right: L.Barozzi – The White Goddess

The Permanence Group Exhibition at Haven Gallery

On the border between reality and surrealism, this marvelous collection of paintings explores the boundaries of possibilities of using ink. Experimenting with various techniques, 20 authors, construct the ultimate world of the permanence of the ink. The group exhibition of this new series of artworks entitled Permanence is on view at Haven Gallery in Northport, NY, USA, from February 20th. The show will be on view till March 27th, 2016.

All images courtesy of Haven Gallery Featured images in slider: Sineater – Brambles, Rowan and The Hare; M de Vena – Cor cordium; Peach MoMoKo – Hakai to Saisei IV, (Destruction and Regeneration IV); Richard A Kirk – Dawn Botanist, Tears of the Poppy.