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Interview at STROKE – Ray Moore

  • Contemporary art
  • Contemporary art
  • Contemporary art
  • Contemporary art
  • Contemporary art
May 14, 2014

We met an urban poet at STROKE. The poets name was Ray Moore. We let his words speak for themselves:


Religion is division.

Stop believing start living.

Subscription cancel it.

Nothing rational about it.

Evolution is leaving myths in the past.

If billions believe in it why we still need cash.

Brainwashed obedience, I miss the value.

Hypocrites control you, to up their value

Wake up. Fear it controls your belief.

Irrational thought, like we all need grief.

No man has to suffer, go search for the truth.

Manipulation is the hand that’s held over you.

Horus son of Isis predates, your fear slate.

A copyright infringement a fish took the bait.

You probably pissed all sensitive like I said too much.

Never mind me in invisible you trust.

And by the way, fear won’t save us.

click, click, camera rolling

Before we had our official interview with Ray Moore. We had a talk with Ray Moore. The camera was rolling, which both Ray and I encouraged but that video material was intended for our eyes-only. However, the inspiring revelations, the valuable thoughtfulness and admirable socio-critical reflection of Ray Moore need to be spread for everyone to hear. Enjoy our conversation with an urban poet.

About Ray Moore

Ray Moore is a multi-faceted creative wellspring that made his debut onto the Art scene January 2011. With his fascinating doodle illustrations, as tightly packed with rhythmic complexity as they are with humor, Moore has somehow brought balance to charming madness and charm to maddening balance. Ray Moore lives and works in Munich, Germany.

Contemporary art
Ray Moore