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Interview at STROKE – Tobias Ledermann (52 Masterworks)

  • 52 Masterworks
May 14, 2014

Tobias Ledermann is the co-founder and CEO of a crowd-funding platform called 52 Masterworks. We found this to be a very interesting concept in many respects. Foremost we asked about the democratization of artistic value. Secondly, who are the shareholders of the artworks? The third question we raised who can participate? Tobias Ledermann answered all these questions and more in his interview with Widewalls.

About 52 Masterworks

52 Masterworks offers people the opportunity to collectively buy art. People can select to invest into a regular selection of artworks and build their personal art collection. People can participate from €250 onwards and buy up to 49% of one work. This ensures that no majority can exist for one work of art. During the hold period 52 Masterworks takes care of administration, storage and insurance of the art. The moment of sale is decided collectively. 52 Masterworks give people access to the art world. Not only through ownership but also participation in events, workshops and exhibitions.

52 Masterworks
Banksy – Choose Your Weapon
52 Masterworks
CASE – Army