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Hulk Elvis

  • Hulk Elvis
November 10, 2014

This summer, the public of contemporary art admirers and collectors had a chance to see a large body of work by Jeff Koons, as part of his retrospective exhibition (read more in Jeff Koons: A Retrospective). In the period between this exhibition and an upcoming one in Hong Kong, the artist has been active on various projects (to find out more about Koons’ charitably activities, read our article Koons and Philanthropy). In the fall and winter of 2014, the public will have a chance to see the body of work by Jeff Koons in the space of Gagosian Hong Kong. Hulk Elvis exhibition has begun…

Hulk Elvis
Jeff Koons, Balloon Flower (Orange)

Road to Hulk Elvis

Just like he mentioned in an recent interview, Jeff Koons is always surrounded by things the artist uses as a source of inspiration. From children’s art to figures from classical antiquity and comic book characters, the artistic expression of Jeff Koons is a strange but intriguing parade of characters and shapes. However, the artist’s work, although at times quite literal and direct, comes to existence through a meticulous and challenging creative process (read more in our article Koons’ Economic Breakthrough). One thing is certain, the evolution of Koons’ work is something which could have been observed during past years. His shiny balloon sculptures and paintings containing imagery today synonymous with the artist, have made an impact on the entire field of contemporary art, and most certainly – the art market. Inspired by a famous comic book hero, the Hulk Elvis series represents a body of work which includes a wide range of pieces, from precision-machined bronze sculptures to large-scale paintings…

Hulk Elvis
Jeff Koons, Antiquity 3

Hulk Elvis

Polychromed surfaces of sculptures are representations of The Hulk which include various additions to the green comic book hero, such as a precise replica of the Liberty Bell, flowers and inflatable toy animals. The artist has said that the imagery of The Hulk represents an articulation of the Western comic book culture and the Eastern guardian gods. In both cases, what comes to mind is the truth of those characters – “they’re there as protectors, but at the same time they can become very, very violent…” says Koons. As for the Hulk Elvis paintings, there is a strong presence of precision, vivid detail and Koons’ manipulation of color and form… In the period between November 6th and December 20th 2014, Gagosian Hong Kong presents Hulk Elvis, the first major solo show by Jeff Koons in Asia.

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Hulk Elvis
Jeff Koons, Hulk (Friends), 2004–12

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