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Joseph Buckley Summons The Demon of Regret

  • Joseph Buckley exhibition
June 11, 2016
Runs, does yoga.

The upcoming show at ISCP attests to the fact that we are no longer prone to describe art through genres. Joseph Buckley, whose solo exhibition is titled The Demon of Regret, will be the example of that. As described, the exhibition will be a one-man show, but it will display diverse works of art created by a young person who has already managed to base his style on a variety of media and inputs, insomuch that it feels like the show is actually a result of collaborative work. The British artist seeks inspiration in many different places, and the result is as versatile as his own choice of subject matter.

Joseph Buckley exhibition
Joseph Buckley, study for Elf Orc Box, 2016, courtesy of the artist.

Four Piece Installation

Still, the show was indeed created by one artist, with the help of ISCP’s Juliana Cope, the curator. That said, it should be expected that the exhibits will display consistency, complementing each other, combined to come together in an elaborate concept. Therefore, it takes on the form of an art installation, which consists of a floor piece, a relief sculpture placed on walls, a video and a large cabinet of drawings. All of the works draw inspiration from various sources, some of them relate to the chronicles of everyday life, and some to the mainstream media. In any case, being that the elements of horror and fantasy are often intertwined with the narrative, the artworks aim to address the seemingly dark future of mankind. The all-encompassing part of the installation – the red floor – involves dismantled cardboard boxes that include hand drawings, reminiscent of the ones made by the survivors of North Korean prison camps. The other three works on display are titled My Clone Sons, ElfOrc Box and The Black Bastard Bacchus. The first one is the aforementioned wall sculpture, the second is a collection of drawings that embody a transformation from a man into one of Tolkien’s orcs, and the last one is a video work.

Joseph Buckley exhibition
Joseph Buckley, production still for The Black Bastard Bacchus, 2016, courtesy of the artist.

Not Entirely “Demonic”

However apocalyptic this may have sounded, when you take a look at Buckley’s works you will see that not everything is represented in such a grim manner. The artist uses cartoon-like depiction in order to drift from complete darkness to lightness, and he also applies a bright color palette, which could juxtapose the gloomy narratives with cheerful associations. As you will have seen at the exhibition, the works are self-referential as much as they refer to the “outside world”, and so the entire story is told once all the pieces are brought together and perceived by the audience as a whole.

Joseph Buckley exhibition
Joseph Buckley, study for the Black Bastard Bacchus, 2016, courtesy of the artist.

New Works by Joseph Buckley in an Exhibition

The Demon of Regret will be on display from June 16th through July 22nd, 2016, at International Studio & Curatorial Program in Brooklyn, New York. The opening reception is scheduled for June 15th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The Demon of Regret: New Works by Joseph Buckley is made possible through the generous support of the New York Community Trust Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund, the Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Featured image: Joseph Buckley, study for No News News, 2016, courtesy of the artist.