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L7m Brought His Birds of Brazil to Italy for the First Time

  • l7m street art, birds of brazil
April 30, 2016
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

The birds of Brazil have flocked to the eternal city! Thanks to the Urban area – Open Scene project curated by the a.DNA collective, the captivating street art by L7m has finally arrived in Italy, occupying the walls of not one, but three neighbourhoods of capital Rome. Guided by curators Mirko Pierri and Sonia Di Santo of a.DNA, the Sao Paulo artist painted some vibrant examples of his favourite creatures – birds – between April 17 and 25, drawing lots of positive feedback from the locals and turning his Italian debut into a very successful one! Thanks to our friends at a.DNA collective, we can now take a look at all the street art pieces that L7m created for the Romans and go behind the story for each of them.

l7m street art, birds of brazil
L7m in Ostia, Rome

Sacred Birds – L7m Street Art in Rome

It was a wonderful series of collaborations and experiences for L7m, as the Brazilian artist traveled across Rome’s neighbourhoods of Ostia, Quadraro and the Ex-Snia Lake Park. His first stop was the Affabulazione cultural centre, where he joined forces with fellow artist Jimmy C from Australia for the first mural of the Sacred Birds series. These street art pieces by L7m are, of course, dedicated to Rome and are inspired by the first visual impulses he received upon arriving to the city. Filled with symbolic and iconographic references, the murals also interact with the very structure of the walls they’re painted on, as they assume a pictorial quality that recalls Rome’s extraordinary history and art. Jimmy C and L7m collaborated on two out of three works painted in this area, combining the distinct portraiture style of the former and the colourful landscape of the latter.

l7m street art, birds of brazil
L7m mural in Lago Ex Snia park, Rome

Curated by a.DNA Collective

On April 22 and 23, you could have found L7m painting an entire wall at the entrance of the Ex-Snia Lake park, but if you go there now, you will encounter a majestic owl staring at you from a swirl of color, in all its strength and glory. Finally, in the couple of days that followed, the Brazilian creative gave life to perhaps the most enchanting works of the series. Gathering the residents of the Quadraro district in via dei Quintili, L7m painted two colourful hummingbirds of different species which float suspended while guarding the entrance of a home at number 162. As they’re about to land – or about to fly away – their wing movements release an entire curtain of colors, spreading across the pink background of the house facade, capturing the attention of every single passerby. These pieces, completed by L7m just in time for the Liberation Day on April 25, were created in collaboration with Rome’s M.U.Ro – Urban Museum of Rome.

l7m street art, birds of brazil
L7m street art in Quadraro neighborhood, Rome

Urban area – Open Scene

A brainchild of the a.DNA collective, Urban Area is a project that aims to reclaim the value of cultural spaces by employing works of urban art and creating site-specific pieces of world-renowned artists. As we speak, the collective is hosting an exhibition of photos taken by the visitors of the ex theatres of Preneste and Volturno between 2012 and 2015, two iconic cultural spaces which gave way to the creation of this initiative in first place. The street art pieces by L7m, aka Luis Seven Martins, are a part of this project and hopefully only the beginning of a fruitful future collaboration.

   Editors’ Tip: Street art in Rome: the murals

Through a series of photographs that document the murals and street art pieces painted on the walls of Rome, this book is also accompanied by English text, alongside the ones in Italian. Rome is an open air museum and in this book the most beautiful works of art, painted on the walls, are reproduced photographically and interpreted. The murals are identified by area or district, when their consistency in the area is significant, in other cases they are grouped in the miscellaneous section. Each area provides a road map that contents a largest number of murals and informations to reach the place via public or private transport.

Featured images in slider: L7m for Urban Area – Open Scene in Rome, Italy. All images courtesy of a.DNA collective.