Bruce Nauman - Anthro / Socio (Rinde Spinning), 1992
Exhibition Reviews   |   Widewalls Editorial

Gelly Gryntaki reviews Bruce Nauman's Tate Modern retrospective, on view through February 21, 2021 in London.

Patricia Piccinini - Skywhale_____
Artwork(s) In Focus, Exhibition Announcements   |   Balasz Takac

In March 2021, the artist Patricia Piccinini will launch a new balloon sculpture Skywhalepapa that is related to her Skywhale air piece made in 2013.

mona lisa coronavirus
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Here is Widewalls' continually updated article on the latest developments in the art world and COVID-19's impact on it.

Siah Armajani - Gazebo for Two Anarchists
Exhibition Announcements   |   Balasz Takac

The London-based Richard Saltoun Gallery announced a year-long thematic exhibition program focused on the seminal philosopher of the 20th century, Hannah Arendt.

Juliana Notari - Diva
Artwork(s) In Focus, Provoke! (NSFW), Art News   |   Elena Martinique

Juliana Notari’s vulva sculpture in Brazil, which questions the "problematization of gender", has sparked anger among the country’s far-right.

Damien Hirst - The Monk, Lake St. Moritz, 2020
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

The city of St. Moritz will serve as a backdrop for Damien Hirst's first exhibition in Switzerland, spreading across indoor and outdoor sites.

The Heresies Collective Publication Covers Issue 1 and 27
Art History   |   Balasz Takac

In 1976, the Heresies Collective was founded in New York City by a group of feminist artists and is best known for the publication of the journal Heresies.

Anna Valdez - Sutro Baths Vessel (detail), 2021
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Hashimoto Contemporary is starting the new year by spotlighting thirty-three artists who have drawn inspiration from the flowering species.