ART.FAIR Cologne 2016 - Widewalls' Live Coverage of the event's 14th Edition

ART.FAIR Cologne – Focus on Yet Unseen Modern and Contemporary Art

During the upcoming fall, the city of Köln will become once again the gathering spot for many international art enthusiasts and collectors, eager to experience the true spirit of Deutsch art world. In October 2016, the 14th edition of ART.FAIR Cologne will be held at Koelnmesse hall in Cologne, Germany. The fair records around 35,000 visitors each year and it is known as one of the three biggest art fairs in Germany. It also represents a special highlight of the Cologne fall art season. The dynamic art event about to be held this October in Köln will showcase a plethora of contemporary art products such as paintings, photography, sculptures, performances and other media forms made by exhibitors comings from all over the world, who have participated in many prestigious fairs in their home countries. More than 100 national and international creatives will present the best of their works at ART.FAIR Cologne 2016 – while some of them have already established artistic reputation, others are promising young talents, which enhances the concepts of diversity and equal opportunities . Thanks to its rich and eclectic program, the fair will bring together for the 14th time young interested parties and art enthusiasts, who will have the possibility to make their debut art purchases and meet the established collectors who are looking forward to expanding their collections. ART.FAIR Cologne curators will select the artworks to be displayed strictly according to contemporary and modern taste, so that both artists and collectors can make meaningful contact and sales.


Information on Important Events at ART.FAIR Cologne

The selection of events and artworks at ART.FAIR Cologne is designed to meet or even exceed the expectations of the pickiest, most demanding art lovers, exhibitors and galleries. In 2016, already traditional event series entitled The 15 Minutes Of Fame will once again give visitors an insight into the process of curatorial work. Through exciting discussions, dialogues, press conferences and comprehensive live presentations, gallery owners, curators, and collectors will give their best to present their most innovative projects. This exclusive program creates excellent opportunities for the direct contact between visitors and artists and it addresses everyone engaged in the contemporary art world. Another great event not to be missed is The Kino der Künstler aka Cinema of Artists. This exciting new item created to expand the program of ART.FAIR Cologne is the product of collaboration with It is based on a careful selection of important artists and figures from the international art scene and presented in the form of modern film portraits. The Kino der Künstler will be screened during the entire ART.FAIR Cologne 2016.


Highlights of the Fair – Postminimalist Works and Multimedia Installation

The city of Köln in Germany, famous for its breathtaking architecture and rich history, will host a wide range of international contemporary artists and galleries during the fair. For the first time, visitors of the 14th ART.FAIR Cologne will have the chance to experience photographs made by one of the most representative post-war German architecture photographers, Karl Hugo Schmölz, who is represented by Artbookers. In addition to this prominent exhibitor, new ART.FAIR will also showcase a selection of concrete and postminimalist artworks from the Schroth collection, better known as Stiftung Konzeptuelle Kunst, one of the world’s most comprehensive private collections. Another must-see at this exciting event will be the giant multimedia installation Ironie des Schicksals (Irony of Fate) from 2016, designed by Cologne-based exhibitor Bernd Reiter. This unusual piece brings together seemingly unmixable parts, such as scrapped Russian MiG-21, vintage American sedans brought to Germany, and monitors playing video recordings. Even the guests interested in the Far East and its culture and arts will find the ART.FAIR Cologne quite rewarding, because the Taiwanese art scene will have an important place in the new event. The special exhibition entitled Taiwan Contemporary Art Show: Hyperactive Symptoms of Contemporary Art will be held on a large space comprising of 200 sqm and it will feature most diverse Taiwanese artists, such as painters, videographers and sculptors. This unique show to be held at Koelnmesse hall will be curated by Yu-Chieh Lin.


ART.FAIR | Fair for modern and contemporary art 2015 © KO Views
ART.FAIR | Fair for modern and contemporary art 2015 © KO Views

BLOOOM Converging Art Events

This time, following the tradition of previous fairs, the converging art show called BLOOOM will be integrated into the ART.FAIR Cologne. BLOOOM allows its guests to embrace the first-hand experience of innovative artistic expressions and it blurs the lines between fine arts, design, street art, fashion and photography. Year after year, BLOOOM has been supportive of extraordinary art forms, outside of the traditional, well-established artistic expressions. In order to emphasize and celebrate the best achievements made by unconventional creatives, BLOOOM Award by WARSTEINER has been introduced a couple of years ago. This contest, founded by Warsteiner brewery, helps young aspiring artists make their first step into the international art market and important sales. In October 2016, this will be the seventh time that BLOOOM AWARD by WARSTEINER presents interdisciplinary projects by various young artists from all over the world. We’re proud to announce that this time more than 2,000 works from 84 countries were submitted for BLOOOM Award, which means there were more applications for this art prize than ever before. The award ceremony is scheduled for October 26, 2016. Afterward, the works of the 10 finalists will be displayed at BLOOOM until the end of October.

ART.FAIR Cologne Additional Information

The 14th edition of the ART.FAIR Cologne will be held in Hall 1 and 2 of Koelnmesse venue in the city of Köln, from October 27th through 30th, 2016. This important event, which successfully combines old and new, established and experimental art since 2003, will unite young art lovers with experienced collectors and exhibitors and offer its guests an entirely different, new and refreshing navigation through the lesser known, unconventional contemporary art, which is not available at typical, commercial fairs. We are also proud to announce that Widewalls press team will be doing an extensive live coverage of ART. FAIR Cologne, so make sure to stay tuned for our exclusive news, interviews, and photo reports directly from the event in Köln. For any additional information and newsletter, feel free to visit the official website of the fair.


The new edition of ART.FAIR Cologne will be showcasing the finest examples of modern and contemporary international art.