Where are the best Urban and Street Art Destinations? Travel with us to find out!

Widewalls Travel Guide to Art Destinations

If you are a travel enthusiast on the quest of finding the best art and culture destinations ­ you have just landed to the right place. As many of you know in our Art Travel Special we are determined to give you the ultimate coverage of the most thriving art scenes of today, and we do it worldwide. So before you pack your bags and plan your holidays make sure you are also equipped with the essential information about the best contemporary art galleries, must­ see street art spots and alternative art hubs that you definitely need to check out when abroad. With
Widewalls as your travel guide you are destined to a successful artistic experience wherever you decide to go. For any true art admirer, who takes his itinerary seriously we have provided lists of top 10 contemporary art galleries and exhibition spaces. If you prefer urban and street art, and you don’t feel very enthusiastic about wandering through the unknown city all by yourself, twisting your neck while waiting to stumble upon some murals and graffiti art, we make sure that you get a map, or a list of some exciting neighborhoods where your quest is bound to success. And you will know that your trip was one of the best art trips ever taken once you experience the city and its culture through the eyes of the locals. Therefore, we do interviews with the prominent artists and gallery representatives who are sharing exclusive, inside information about the local art and cultural scene that you simply cannot find in any other city guide. Finally, as we love you and care about your well ­being we also made a list of some of the finest art hotels for the perfect holiday and artistic experience. Take a look at what we have to recommend, and discover new, exciting and in­ depth information about the best art travel destinations. Continue to explore the world of contemporary and urban art all over the world on the pages of Widewalls.