The Art of Photography - From Rich History to Current Trends and Exhibitions

The Art of Photography – From Rich History to Current Trends and Exhibitions

Ah, photography, that versatile medium. So many techniques, styles, topics. Today, we can talk about so many branches of image making, such as photojournalism, fashion photography, advertising photography and of course, fine art photography, but we should also mention that all of them came to existence during the last hundred years. However, as the oldest photograph ever was taken back in 1839, photography has spent about seventy years serving to a single purpose – to preserve our visual memories and to freeze a moment in time and reality, and make it last forever. With the arrival of new times, techniques, people and movements in arts, the pure act of taking a picture became something much more meaningful, and artists started referring to it as art photography.

Photography and Art – A Lucky Encounter

Not necessarily in touch with reality, art photography presented itself as an exciting new tool for artists to express themselves, their feelings, their vision and opinion. Thanks to legendary photographers such as Edward Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz, art photography was introduced to museums and other cultural institutions and was established as an artistic form of its own, independent and intriguing. Over the years, art photography became a quite strong movement within the world of the arts, creating a stable buyers market and confirming fine art photography collecting as a matter of serious business. From the times of darkrooms and filmstrips to the digital age and Photoshop, art photography became a unique creative environment that has redefined the notions of the arts, but has retained its initial mission:

Photography Captures the Art of Life.

As photography developed hand it hand with technology and the new trends, every new direction within the movement had its distinctive pioneer. Thus, we have Ansel Adams as a reference point in landscape photography, Richard Avedon as the master of studio fashion photography, Diane Arbus as the creator of fascinating portraits, Henri Cartier-Bresson as the photographer of the streets, Cindy Sherman as the queen of self-portraiture, Andreas Gursky and his highly detailed (and very expensive!) images of everything, and many, many others. Art photography continues to inspire generations of talents who successfully manage to stand out in as image-saturated and Instagram-obsessed society as the one of today.

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Featured image: Cindy Sherman – Untitled #96, 1981.