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Artist of the Week ­ (Y)our Favorite Famous Graffiti, Street and Urban Artists

To become a street artist, one must be courageous, daring, sometimes also quick in creating his/her artworks ­ although rarely does it happen for urban artists not to get caught by the authorities while painting in public. If, however, one ends up in company of famous street artists or famous graffiti artists, things look up: their art is now safer, painted on canvas and placed within gallery walls, sometimes even in museums, legally gracing buildings, the streets, urban environment; they travel the world and make art as they go, they collaborate with other urban artists, they paint for good causes and express themselves and give voice to the people at the same time. They are storytellers of the streets and on the streets, and their work has helped street art become what it is today ­ a true form of declaration of opinions and thoughts. Today, famous graffiti artists, famous street artists, talented people around the world have managed to create a splendid variety of artistic styles, trademark techniques, unique aesthetics and recognizable topics, so utterly individual. And just when it seems that street art has seen it all, they surprise us with new points of view, more innovative techniques, fresh ways of making art, both idea and location­wise, leaving us wanting more and more every time. Our Artist of the Week is outstanding, often controversial, inexhaustibly inspired and instantly inspiring, socially aware, legend of their own doing and forever extraordinary ­ and naturally, so is their art. Whether they belong to a group of famous graffiti artists, famous street artists, a crew of urban artists or are going solo, they are making a difference and leaving behind a legacy that we will hold on to until the end of time. Every week, we pick one such artists as our favorite, and we know they’re probably your favorite too.