Berliner Liste 2016 - 13th Edition of the Biggest Art Fair in Berlin


Berliner Liste 2016 Set for Great Heights

Berliner Liste 2016, the largest art fair in Berlin, is set to open its gates on September 15th and it is believed that the 13th Berliner Liste will prove to be the most impressive one to date. Berlin’s most respected art fair will be held in Kraftwerk, city’s most beloved industrial location. Through this ultimate Berlin art event, for half a week Kraftwerk will be the place where 112 enthusiastic exhibitors from 25 countries will unite under one roof. It will provide the visitors with a vast space of over 4000 square meters, filled to the brim with amazing new artworks.Just as all the artists and their styles set to be presented at the event, Berliner Liste 2016 also evolved over the years, determined to upgrade and enhance all of its aspects in order to become an even greater asset to art pundits. However, the main idea fueling the Art Fair remained unaltered – just like in 2014 and 2015, Berliner Liste 2016 still seeks to exhibit the latest editions and innovative trends of contemporary art, presenting paintings, prints, illustrations, sculptures and photographies gathered from all over the globe. Just like the case was with the 2014 and 2015 fair, the ultimate goal is proving that art can be simultaneously impressive and budget-sustainable. Due to the wide range of pieces and unique atmosphere of the Art Fair, Berliner Liste 2016 is the go-to place for all the art lovers out there. Furthermore, this year’s Berlin international event will provide the visitors with an opportunity to closely explore artworks and chat with the creators behind them. Berliner Liste will also make sure that the journey through its sections does not end on a mere investigation – unlike most other Art Fairs that set the financial bar too high for most visitors, days between the 15th and 18th September will provide the audiences with a chance to actually buy many Berlin artworks at reasonable prices. Unlike all the previous Berliner Liste, the 2016 Berlin fair will be presenting four divided sections, all in order to provide the visitors with an organized overlook of the presented artworks. Aside already familiar Gallery and Artist section, there will now also be Photography and Urban Art sections dedicated to the corresponding pieces of art from those fields. Berliner Liste has an obligation to unite the fresh, innovative, young and current art regardless of the medium, organizing and displaying it in a fitting light. Besides purchasing artworks, visitors to Berlin will also have a chance to learn about art from the actual artists, discovering details about different tools, techniques and styles.



Visitors of previous Berliner Liste shows can watch the event video on twitter
Berliner Liste Main Hall – Courtesy of Uwe Steinert


Artist Section

Always a highlight of this contemporary art event, Artist Section will yet again be a key feature of the Berliner Liste. The September mid-week between 13th and 15th will be a perfect occasion for all the ambitious artists in Berlin to present their works under the same conditions as well-established galleries in Germany. Making sure that an aspiring artist does not fall into regular traps of the often manipulated art marker, Berliner Liste 2016 will offer a risk-free environment for anyone who wishes to display their artworks, regardless of what their chosen medium is. Helping individuals and giving them a leg up remains one of the goals behind the fair and Berliner Liste would surely not be the same without the famous Artist Section.


Berliner Liste 2016 will be one of a kind opportunity for all the emerging artists to promote their work and establish a name in the world of arts

Artist Section – Courtesy of Uwe Steinert


Gallery Section

With over 450 galleries present and active in the capital of Germany, it comes as no surprise that Berliner Liste has many of them on board for this international event. For the 13th time, Berliner Liste will serve as a home to both popular and emerging galleries of the city, giving the audience an opportunity to traverse through an exciting display of contemporary and urban artworks. There will be pieces from all the contemporary field, from traditional oil paintings to large-scale multimedia installations. Due to that diversity, Berliner Liste 2016 will be a unique forum for literary all art pundits with a huge range of interests. As always, artworks will be appraised with much lower costs than the usual price tag in Berlin galleries, all in an attempt to popularize contemporary art and invite newcomers to the scene.


The 13th edition of Berliner Liste, the largest art fair in the city, will undoubtedly be the highlight of the 2016 arts community

Anook Cléonne - Untitled - Courtesy of Pine Wood Fine Art
Anook Cléonne – Untitled – Courtesy of Pine Wood Fine Art


Urban Art Section

Surely the most highly anticipated novelty of the 13th Berliner Liste is the Urban Art section. This section of the 2016 event will be dedicated to promoting and displaying pieces of street art – an ever-growing movement that seems to have reached the all-time high level of popularity this year. Disregarding the tight chains of artistic norms such as elitism and rigidness, street art attempts to resonate with the common man, proving that the freedom of expression easily overcomes all definitions of art and creativity society considers accurate. Visitors of the largest art event in Berlin will be presented with different pieces of this underground scene, including graffiti, stencils and street versions of the collage genre. The curator of the Berliner Liste’s Urban Art section will be Guillaume Trotin, the director of the OPEN WALLS Gallery.


Berliner Liste 2016 will feature four sections, including the new Photography and Urban art sections, making it one of the biggest events concentrating on arts in Berlin

Vermibus Show – Courtesy of OPEN WALLS Gallery


Photography Section

We are pleased to say that the Photography Section will yet again be taking place at the 13th Berliner Liste. Established in the year of 2013 and shining in both the 2014 and 2015 edition, this section brings the most recent and interesting works in focus, allowing both the gallery represented and self-driven photographers to present their images. Carefully arranged, the exhibited pieces will give the viewer a great pleasure of finding the potential favorite photo to take home. Due to the rich history tieing it with this medium, Berlin seems to be a perfect location for witnessing the most prominent pieces of photography. The section of the camera-based image making will be curated by Stefan Maria Rother.


Starting with 15th and ending with 18th September, Berlin will be the prime location for all the art pundits worldwide

Photo Section – Courtesy of Uwe Steinert


Additional Events

If any visitor believes that he or she belongs in the aspiring artist category, Berliner Liste will be providing unique special programs intended for both the total beginners and those that simply require a creative spur in the right direction. There will be workshops and consulting services at disposal, all with goals of teaching self-promotion, idea realization, and marketing skills. All amateurs and novices are more than welcome as Berlin fair will be proud to provide them with an opportunity to meet colleagues, share their art and learn how to support themselves in all areas of their career.


Last Piece of Information

To summarize, the 13th Berliner Liste will be taking place from September 15th to 18th in the neighborhood of Mitte, Berlin. This unique Art Fair event will be providing vast opportunities to numerous individuals regardless of their reputation or status within the art scene. Hundreds of experienced collectors will be present, as well as a massive amount of art students, critiques, amateurs and those interested in exploring the thrill of the contemporary culture. Ultimately, Berliner Liste will yet again prove why it is described as one of the most crucial artistic events of the year, both in Berlin and the rest of Europe. For more information, please visit the official website.


Featured image: Berliner Liste 2016 Opening – Photo Credits Widewalls