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Art Edition Special

Limited editions are called so for a good reason. They are limited, whether by the number in which they are produced, or by the time of their availability. Either way, if you don’t get yours in time, you might miss it forever. Which is why we offer the perfect solution with our Art Edition Special. Be it an art poster, art print or any other form of limited editions, we’ve got it covered. Subscribe for free and enjoy LIMITLESS options our platform has to offer. Stay informed about the latest and the upcoming limited editions, giving you the chance to be the first to own one! What is an art print? This question has been raised quite often, both by collectors and artists. Some people still argue about the value and worth of art prints, leaving many questions unanswered. So here at Widewalls we offer an adept opinion and evaluation of any art print, limited, open, signed, whatever the category may be. Our keen assessment takes in consideration every factor crucial to your decision of whether an art print is worth it. Find the answers to all your queries right here! Through our Art Edition Special you can obtain valuable information which can land you the next hottest art print, art poster or a limited edition! Who says art collecting is just for the rich? Not all art has to be expensive and unattainable! Grab an art poster to hang above the bed, pick a limited edition piece and spice up your room, and you know an art print would look good on your wall! Our Art Edition Special brings you all the info you need and can make you an avid collector in no time. Familiarize yourself with all of the opportunities the market has to offer, with a free subscription to Widewalls. Don’t be fooled by the price tags or what the pompous critics may say, this is art, and it can be yours!