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Street Update

The Best of Latest Murals and Graffiti Art Worldwide!

Street art has come a long way over the years, becoming more and more acceptable one step at a time. Although its existence is ephemeral and it’s usually vandalized, destroyed or taken down by the authorities, we still get to see it, and this is where Widewalls comes in with Street Updates. Today, we are witnessing new mural art, installations, graffiti art and interventions being created on a daily basis, with street artists being commissioned to make art and participating in all sorts of events, exhibitions, gatherings, festivals and conferences. They are finally being recognized for
that they are ­ artists, creatives who simply use the world as their canvas, and it was very important to see the word “art” next to “mural” and “graffiti”, because that’s what street art and urban art are. We at Widewalls, as mural art and graffiti art enthusiasts, want to share our passion with our readers, at the same time supporting and promoting the works of street artists everywhere. Our Street Updates bring you the latest pieces fresh from the walls, buildings, trains, urban architecture and sometimes nature, in all shapes, sizes, styles, techniques, locations and mediums, done by the world­ famous artists who have helped shaped the history of street art and whose contribution to its development is priceless, but also emerging talents who have yet to show the world what they’re capable of. These artworks tell stories, of places, people and imagination; they send messages and express opinions; they show incredible artistic skills and they grace our empty streets, giving them a new, colorful life. With the best of graffiti art and mural art every week, we wish to acquaint you with the culture of street art in every corner of our planet, keep you posted about the latest artworks of your favorite artists and to bring it all in one place for you to enjoy ­ and there’s always more to come.