Widewalls LIVE at the 2018 Urvanity Art Fair in Madrid

After the success of its debut in 2017, Urvanity Art Fair is coming back to Madrid for another strong edition. A unique Spanish fair focused on New Contemporary Art, ranging from Contemporary Urban Art to Surrealist Pop, Urvanity Art Fair 2018 takes place in the end of February during Madrid’s Art Week in a new location in LASEDE COAM. Considering the growth potential of New Contemporary Art in the Spanish market, Urvanity aims to claim proposals with a basis in the artistic expression developed in the urban context from the seventies onwards, showcasing artists whose careers started on the streets and expanded into the market throughout galleries. Taking place across the city during five days, the youngest art fair will increase the number of entries, bringing together 19 international and local galleries. The comprehensive exhibition program will be accompanied by a program of talks with different top-tier national and international actors and a program of walls and art installations on the spot. A meeting point where collectors, experts and art lovers can discover and acquire artworks from well-known artists chosen after an extensive process, the second edition of the fair is an event not to be missed. Urvanity Art Fair 2018 definitely promises to be nothing short of spectacular.






Pretty Portal at Urvanity Madrid 2018 c
Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018   |   Angie Kordic

With the 2nd edition of the Urvanity Art Fair Madrid closing on February 25th, we take a look back at its highlights - in pictures!

Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018   |   Widewalls Editorial

At The Art Conference in Madrid, as part of the 2018 Urvanity Art Fair, three extraordinary women of the urban art industry talked about their fascinating journey.

Learn & Skate at Urvanity 2018 cover
Graffiti & Street Art, Urvanity 2018   |   Elena Martinique

Learn and Skate is spreading their love and passion for Urban Art and skateboarding in order to help out disadvantaged kids all around the world.

Cranio 1
Top Lists, Graffiti & Street Art, Urvanity 2018   |   Elena Martinique

After the Urvanity 2018, the city of Madrid will become richer for four amazing murals. We caught up with all the artists painting in the city.

Urvanity 2018
Top Lists, Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018   |   Elena Martinique

In terms of sales, Urvanity 2018 is off to a great start! Let's see what sold after only one day of the youngest art fair in Spain.

Urvanity 2018, The Conference Room
Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018   |   Elena Martinique

Urvanity 2018 will present a program of talks that gathers different top-tier national and international actors. We talked to Alberto Aguilar about it.

Delimbo Gallery Madrid
Graffiti & Street Art, Urvanity 2018   |   Widewalls Editorial

We talk to the owners of Delimbo Gallery about their move to Madrid and the ever-flourishing local street art scene ahead of Urvanity Art Fair.

Graffiti & Street Art, Art Fairs, Urvanity 2018   |   Elena Martinique

A strong selection of exhibitors at Urvanity 2018 is complemented by several installations by two contemporary artists in the venue of LASEDE COAM.