Joe Doyle - Untitled
On Abstract Illusionism - Taking Reality Out Of Illusion

As a movement centered on redefining depth as a formal abstract element, Abstract Illusionism was so successful that it was beaten into the ground by the public that adored it....

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Millo in Aveiro
Listing Our Favorite Street Artists With Very Unique Practices

Street art came a long way since the first train graffiti. Here is a list of street artist working today that are taking the form to new heights in their ever-recognizable style! ...

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Psychic Wounds Installation view
How 20th Century Art Dealt With Wounding, Scarring, and Healing

The current exhibition dealing with the historical trauma at The Warehouse Dallas in Texas will be extended until next year due to the current state. ...

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Georges Mathieu - Plainte Captive
Browsing the Catalogue of Aguttes' Upcoming Contemporary Art Auction

Aguttes' Ophélie Guillerot talks to Widewalls about the auction house's exciting Contemporary Art sale, coming up on May 29....

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Okuda, Deer head
Justkids and Okuda Reveal New Installation at Park MGM

In the latest collaboration with Justkids, Okuda created an installation inspired by the legend of Mayahuel, the Mexican goddess of agave and fertility....

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mona lisa coronavirus
The Art World Deals with Coronavirus - See The Latest Updates Here

As it continues to spread across the world, the coronavirus forced the art world to take necessary precautions. Here are the latest updates....

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The COVID-19 Impact Survey of U.S. Art Galleries
COVID-19’s Impact on US Galleries is Significant, Reports ADAA

COVID-19 Impact Survey on U.S. Galleries Report was conducted by ADAA between April 15th and May 4th, 2020, including 168 galleries across the country....

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Pierre Yermia - Big feline
The Animal Kingdom In Your Art Collection!

With this edition of collectors tip we are bringing you ten exceptional artworks depicting animals that you can add to your art collection now!...

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