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December 1, 2014

We are just hours away from the start of the famous art mania. In our continuous effort to cover the upcoming Miami Art Week, today we bring you our selection of ten artworks that will be showcased and offered for sale during Art Basel Miami Beach, without a doubt the biggest and most influential art fair for contemporary art in the United States. From legends like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, to masters of our time like Shepard Fairey and Ai Weiwei, here are the ten artworks you should look out for during the frantic art week on the shores of Miami Beach. Those of us lucky enough will have a great opportunity to get their hands on some of the most wonderful pieces of contemporary art. We hope you have been saving for this occasion.

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Han Dynasty Vases with Auto Paint

Mary Boone Gallery is a famous New York City based art gallery dedicated to representation of prominent contemporary artists, owned and directed by renowned art dealer Mary Boone who has worked with such great artists as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Kruger, Julian Schnabel and Eric Fischl. During the 2014 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach art fair Mary Boone Galley will be exhibiting several pieces of the famous Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei, who is widely known for his socially and politically engaged artworks which are openly critical of the state of human rights in his homeland. At the fair's booth D09 visitors will be able to see and buy Weiwei's Han Dynasty Vases with Auto Paint from 2014. Prices of these Weiwei's signature artworks have not yet been released, and are to be disclosed on request.

Battaglia (Vaso)

Lucio Fontana was a famous Italian painter, sculptor and art theorist, widely recognized as the founder of Spatialism and often tied to Arte Povera. During Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 art fair Galerie Karsten Greve will be showcasing one of Fontana's masterpieces titled Battaglia (Vaso), a glazed ceramics vase of exceptional beauty, dated 1952, which is part of the gallery's extraordinary art collection.  The vase is  100×40 cm in dimensions and its price has not been disclosed, but it is most definitely in the neighborhood of several tens of thousands of dollars. Galerie Karsten Greve is a renowned German art gallery, based in Cologne and owned by famous German art dealer Karsten Greve, who also runs galleries of the same name in Paris and St. Moritz.

Obey Lotus Diamond

Paul Stolper Gallery is a renowned contemporary art gallery from London and a leading publisher of contemporary prints created by some of the world's finest artists. For this year's edition of Art Basel Miami Beach art fair Paul Stolper Gallery has prepared some of its best print publications. The one we recommend today is Obey Lotus Diamond print by Shepard Fairey, leading American contemporary street artists, graphic designer and illustrator, known all around the globe fore his Obey sticker campaign in which he appropriated images from the Weekly World News tabloid. Priced at  £1,250, Obey Lotus Diamond is a wonderful silkscreen piece with addition of diamond dust, printed on high quality somerset satin paper in edition of 75 pieces. The gallery will offer four different pieces from the same series, as well as four pieces from Fairey's equally mesmerizing Power & Glory print edition. You have been informed so don't be late!

Keith Haring - Untitled, 1984

Edward Tyler Nahem is one of the most prominent international art dealers, dealing in Modern, Post-War and Contemporary master works, with a highly respectable, 25 years long career. During the 2014 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach Edward Tyler Nahem Fine Art LLC will be showcasing some of the finest pieces of contemporary art to be exhibited on the fair. One these is, without a doubt, a piece by legendary Keith Haring, highly influential American artist, philanthropist and social activist, whose eye-catching imagery is one of the most recognized visual languages of the twentieth century. Haring's piece we would like to draw your attention to is one of his untitled pieces from 1984. It is an acrylic piece,  88x92 inches in dimensions, created on two attached canvases and executed in his instantly recognizable style. Price has not yet been disclosed, but we are more than certain there is no price too big for an art piece like this.

Teach Us To Outgrow Our Madness

Alfredo Jaar is a multimedia artist, filmmaker and artist from Chile, currently living and working in New York City, best known for his installation and intervention works which very often incorporate photographs and neon lights and usually cover strong and troubling social and political issues. During the 2014 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, renowned Berlin based Galerie Thomas Schulte, the leading international contemporary art gallery focused on conceptual art, will be showing Alfredo Jaar's neon piece titled Teach Us to Grow Our Madness, dated 1995. The piece, created in edition of six, is a  60 × 112 cm neon installation of seemingly simple composition but rather poetic message, which deals with the crazy world we live in. The price is disclosed on request.

Under The Bridge

Ryan McGinley is an acclaimed American photographer from New York City, widely praised for his extraordinary photographs that so wonderfully capture different stages in the lifetime of his subjects, usually his friends. During Art Basel Mimi Beach 2014, Team Gallery will be showcasing several of latest McGinley's captivating photographs including Under the Bridge piece from 2014. Under the Bridge is a c-print edition of three 40x60 inch photograph of overwhelming beauty rarely seen in the medium. The price is not yet known and will be disclosed on request. Team Gallery is a renowned contemporary art gallery from SoHo, New York, dealing in work created by emerging artists and the fringe of contemporary culture.

Richard Prince - Untitled, 2014

Galerie 1900-2000 (previously known as the Galerie des Quatre Mouvements) is a renowned Paris based art gallery, strongly devoted to collecting and showcasing of Surrealism paintings, drawings and photographs. During Art Basel Miami Beach art fair, Galerie 1900-200 will be exhibiting number of Richard Prince's latest works, including the above piece Untitled 2014, collage of ink jet printed photograph and charcoal and oil crayon drawing on paper. Richard Prince is an internationally acclaimed American painter and photographer, praised for his extraordinary artworks based on appropriated photographs and best recognized for his series of rephotographed cigarette advertisements. Prices of Prince's pieces exhibited by Galerie 1900-2000 are not known at the moment, and are disclosed on request.

Scale 5167

Sterling Ruby is an American multidisciplinary artist of international renown, widely known for his exceptional mixed media artworks, including handmade ceramics, hallucinatory color-field paintings, cardboard collages, urethane and bronze sculptures, which address the conflict between individual desire and social structure, and the influence of institutional architecture, both literal and figurative, on human behavior and psychology. During Art Basel Miami Beach, Brussels based Xavier Hufkens gallery, one  of Europe’s leading contemporary art galleries, will be showing Ruby's 2014 piece titled Scale 5167, mixed media installation made of steel, wood, cardboard and yarn. Selling price of Sterling Ruby's Scale 5167 installation piece is currently unknown and it is disclosed on request.

Räumliche Struktur

Räumliche Struktur, or Serial Alignment, is the 1974 piece by Günther Uecker, famous German op artist, sculptor and installation artist, which will be showcased by Barbara Mathes Gallery from New York City in Booth D05 of Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 art fair. Günther Uecker is best known for his undulating reliefs using hammered nails, the signature medium he began to explore in the late 1950s. The  Räumliche Struktur piece is great representation of Uecker's style. It is a 51x51 centimeters pencil and nails compositions executed on canvas on board. It was auctioned by Christie's auction house in 2013 fetching the hammer price of  €91,500, and even though the gallery has not yet disclosed its price, one can expect it is well above €100,000.

Andy Warhol - Self-Portrait, 1967

During Art Basel Mimi Beach art fair of 2014 art audience will come face to face with legendary Andy Warhol, and one of them who is lucky enough will have the opportunity to purchase one of his pieces. Pop Art icon made scores of self-portraits from the start of his highly prolific art career in the early 1960s until his premature death in 1987. Barbara Mathes Gallery from New York will be showing one of Warhol's self-portraits from 1967. The piece to be exhibited is a silkscreen ink on paper, and its price has not yet been disclosed, but we guess it is not going to be suited for everyone. And as the master himself said in 1967: If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface of my paintings and films and me, there I am. There is nothing behind it.

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