10 Best Murals of POW! WOW! Hawaii Street Art Festival 2013

February 21, 2014

Honolulu was the winter refuge for all street art lovers this season, being a home to POW! WOW! Hawaii Street Art Festival. The eight day festival attended nearly a hundred street artists from many countries throughout the world, along with other performers, such as musicians and dancers. The impressive roster of the artists, educational activities, and overall fun and relaxing vibe attracted a great crowd, which left a huge impact on the local street art scene, giving the festival it's well deserved renown. The climax of the Hawaii POW! WOW! 2013 festival was massive block party, in which all of the participants, street art, culture and music fans, enjoyed every charm Hawaii has to offer. Beside the vivid and beautiful memories in the minds of the visitors, the festival left it's permanent mark on an entire district on which the artists had applied their trade. The once dull and ordinary district was transformed into a piece of art, consisting of numerous pieces that work together in creating an image of a place where art thrives. After the huge success of POW! WOW! 2013 the Hawaii capital was left embellished by some of the biggest names in the urban creative pool. Artists include INTI, Nychos, Buff Monster, Ron English, Vhils, Cyrcle, Cope2 and Seth. These, and many more artists are to be held responsible for the best murals created at this year’s POW WOW Hawaii. We have compiled a list of the best murals from the beautiful island of Hawaii.

INTI's touching last respect

INTI the traveling Chilean street vigilante, painted a very imaginative composition in Kaka’ako. The mural is dedicated to his late dog, and it features much of his signature iconography. Deep colors, complementing contrasts and carefully devised figures all stand for the rich symbolism INTI employs in his work.

Nychos' & Buff Monster's addition to Hawaii POW!WOW!

Buff Monster and Nychos paired up to create a giant vision of hell, intertwining their individual styles. This rather scary piece covers a very big wall in Kaka’ako, and it promises to frighten the nightly passers by. In the artistic sense, it is a really well accomplished combination of two distinctive iconographies, humorous at bits, but threatening overall.

Ron English's take on "Dogs playing poker"

One of the luminaries of street art and urban art and design, Ron English also participated at POW WOW street art festival this year. His massive new mural in Hawaii depicts an entertaining scene of sea creatures playing poker. They seem all angry and dangerous, and make a perfect addition to Honolulu’s mural district.

Vhils' innovative technique of painting

Portuguese street creative, Vhils, made one of the most interesting murals this year. Although it may be shy of color, the piece is amazing in execution and feel, since it was produced by Vhils’ special technique of chipping a wall. A huge portrait of a man is suggestive, imposing and powerful and it looks as if it emerges from the background. We love it!

Perfect combination - Dabs Myla and Misery

The newly found trio Dabs Myla and Misery completed a beautiful collaborative mural for POW WOW. The artists ground coated the wall black and then added their signature cartoonish characters. The long wall looks like excerpts from a children’s picture book have been transferred to the streets. The manga-influenced figurines of the three street artists harmonize beautifully together on the black wall: an amazing group effort by the three artists.

Cyrcle revives antic with his Hawaii POW!WOW! mural

The American street art duo Cyrcle brought the Rome to Hawaii. Their recent mural for POW WOW depicts a Da Vinci – esque image. The roman antique is painted in Cyrcle’s signature dot style. The silhouette of the man and the woman are sprayed dots. Viewed from far way the dots build the form of the mural that is accentuated with objects in bright red and a tunic in grey.

Cope2, Indie184, Buff Monster - a true visual treat

New York graffiti legend Cope2 teamed up with the equally legendary Indie184 to complete their piece for POW!WOW! 2013 Hawaii. Both artists painted their characteristic throw ups in bold and bright colors. To finish off the mural Buff Monster also added his monster touches to the graffiti mural of Cope2 and Indie184.

Reka One's juicy and vivid homage to Hawaii

Reka One is among the artists who participated in creating murals for POW WOW in Hawaii in 2013. His giant piece is naturally the exemplary work of his style, but inspired with the vivid Hawaii, it oozes color and brightness, in contrast with some of his color-wise reduced artwork.

Impressive and symbolic mural by Seth

French street artist Seth brought his face diving characters to Honolulu. The Seth mural shows an upside-down girl with half her face emerged in a rainbow bull’s-eye. Small paper boats are swimming in the colorful rings at the bottom of the mural. The perfect piece for the joyful and colorful POW WOW Street Art Festival in Hawaii.

Meggs and Bask join forces to compose a mural worth seeing

Fine and street artist, art director and designer Meggs teamed up Bask to complete this collage piece for POW!WOW! Hawaii. The mural is an owl collage painted predominantly in green and red. The left hand side of the mural shows Meggs’ owl cut in the middle. The second half of the owls face is finished off with Bask’s signature robot.

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