10 Urban Art Galleries in Berlin

May 9, 2014

Berlin has a thriving international art scene and has been seen as a mecca of contemporary art in the recent years. Ever since the wall came down in 1989, Berlin has been known as a bohemian paradise thanks to cheap rents that have allowed a creative class to flourish in the city. The Berlin Senate’s cultural affairs department estimates that around 5,000 artists, 1,200 writers, 1,500 bands (pop, rock, and world music), 500 jazz musicians, 103 professional orchestras and music ensembles, 1,500 choirs, 300 theater groups, and 1,000 dancers and/or choreographers of contemporary dance live and work in Berlin. The city continues to inspire artists from around the world to settle here and live near the galleries that represent them. Over the last few years many galleries have migrated to open their premises in Berlin. Widewalls made a list of 10 must-visit urban and contemporary art galleries in Berlin. Discover the city’s most exciting art venues with our new gallery guide.

me Collectors Room - The Platform For International Private Art Collections

me Collectors Room is a platform for international private art collections to present themselves in Berlin. The Olbricht Collection, which features works from the Renaissance up to the present day, has had its permanent home here since May 2010. Thomas Olbricht regularly shares the space with other international collectors who are invited to give the public an insight into their collections in broadly themed group shows. Collectors Room has exhibited the collection of Selim Varol and Antoine de Galbert, as well as works by Gerhard Richter.

Urban Spree Galerie - A Creative Lab

Urban Spree Galerie is a Berlin based, 400 sqm independent contemporary art gallery. Set up in a vast postindustrial compound, the gallery defends an artistic grassroots approach, directed towards cities, street and graffiti artists, photographers and contemporary artists. The first floor of the compound is the heart of the Urban Spree concept, where the artists' ateliers are situated. It functions as a Creative Lab, in which artists in residence produce works for the Gallery and craft limited edition series for the Store. The Ateliers are a collaborative place where creativity between artists from different backgrounds is fostered and emulated, and shared with the public through regular creative workshop sessions.

The BOLD Room - The Space for All Creatives

The BOLD Room Berlin is an event venue, gallery and temporary showroom, and pop-up space on 35sq meters. The space is available for all creative ideas on a temporary basis. It is particularly suitable for pop-up shops, temporary showrooms or as a classical exhibition venue. The venue is located on one of Berlin‘s most popular streets, the up-and-coming Torstrasse, where boutiques are lined up with cafés, galleries, bars, gourmet stores and bookshops.

Kunstraum Kreuzberg - The Gallery That Cares About Social and Cultural Issues

Kunstraum Kreuzberg is an exhibition space for contemporary art with the focus on current social and cultural issues. At 450 sqm and with over 200 running meters wall surface, the space is well suited for mid-size exhibitions. Around six exhibition projects take place a year, and some of them are organized as a collaborative effort with other institutions, curators or artist groups. Additional programs such as tours, films, discussions, and artist talks function as reinforcement to the exhibitions.

Peres Projects - A Glowing and Unique Space

Peres Projects is a contemporary art gallery founded by Javier Peres in 2002, that has moved from Los Angeles to Berlin. The new Peres Projects is embedded in the historical architecture of the Karl-Marx-Allee. The gallery’s raw appearance strikes us with its massive walls and the abundance of white color. The reduced space offers the ideal presentation surface for both emerging and established contemporary artists. The artist roster includes David Ostrowski, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Jeff Elrod and Mark Flood. Peres Projects combines LA’s contemporary preferences, Berlin’s flourishing artist scene and the sophisticated taste of Javier Peres under one gallery roof.

Superplan - The Place With Passion

Superplan has beem located in Berlin since 2006 and consists of a gallery space, design studio and artist workshops. The gallery's focus is primarily urban art with the occasional digression into a different realm. Exhibitions take place more or less once a month. According to the owners, the Superplan Studio is defined by passion rather than hipness.

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