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July 27, 2014

Youth has always been the most important thriving force in the history of art. The unstoppable urge to experiment, to push the boundaries and confront dogmas set by the ones before them, is what places young artists on the first lines of progress and the constant evolution of art. We are deeply convinced these ten emerging artists, on the following list, will not only make huge names for themselves, but shape the future of urban art in the following years with great impact.

Shai Dahan - a hybrid of urban and fine art

Born in Haifa, Israel, Shai Dahan started creating graffiti art after moving to Los Angeles when he was 14 . Growing up around skateboarding and surfing, and being involved in hip-hop culture, had huge impact on his art. After moving to Manhattan, where he got involved in numerous street projects, such as MOM&POPism and Underbelly Project, his art career began to develop more seriously. In 2010 he moved to Sweden, where he was the first street artist ever to exhibit in Art Museum in Borås. He rose to international fame in 2012 when he spent three days in Palestine to paint a large mural of an Arab Bedouin on the West Bank Barrier wall in Bethlehem. Always moving forward and inventing new ways to express himself, he is known for using a wide range of techniques such as spraypaint, stencil cutting, wheatpasting, acrylics and oils to create his own signature style, a hybrid of the urban and fine art work as seen in his BirdGun and Dala Horse series.

Evoca1 - Sketches For Mankind

Social commitment is in the essence of Evoca1’s art. It is, undeniably, one of the best examples of the idea that art can, indeed, change the world. Apart from creating wonderful and impressive art, which is a commentary on social differences and struggles of the poor, he took this idea one step further. This modern day Robin Hood from Florida started the “Sketches for mankind” project in 2010. The goal of the project is to sell fashion products derived from his drawings, and use the earnings to buy and distribute meals for the homeless. He had since fed hundreds of humans in need for a meal. Because of all of this, Evoca1 is not only the artist you should pay attention to, but fully support.


When we talk about revolutionary art that is moving the frontiers and escaping conventional confinements of painting, there is no better example than the one of David Ostrowski. Always experimenting with style and composition, this German artist has created a unique style of astonishing beauty, which emphasizes errors over perfection. Working with lacquer and oil, and relying on what appear to be unmotivated gestures, he uses reduced color palettes to add only the smallest markings, while leaving large areas of white, thus creating abstract canvases. His work is exploring the limits of paintings, and even though it may seem empty to some, it is actually profound and intimate visual poetry, which is depicting deep emotions and vast emptiness he finds in himself.


Using very similar technique as David Ostrowski, Christian Rosa yields different results and aesthetic of his own. Performing physical actions on large canvases, using pencil, spray and oil paint, he creates lyrical abstract paintings determined by chance and instinct. The Result is an astonishing ensemble of drawings and sketches which have life of their own, but when surrounded by drawn paths between them, create a “bigger picture” that appears to be of a more natural form, suggesting objects like faces, body parts and animals.


The Los Angeles based two-man art collective, Cyrcle, combines ancient sculptures with contemporary designs, thus incorporating traditional in modern art forms. This is shown through forms between design, fine and street art, making it their signature style. Working both on small and large scale (their piece MAGIC IS REAL! is considered to be one of the largest murals in LA) they achieve intriguing results that force viewers to engage and think in order to understand the concept behind each piece. Their work is seen all around the world, both in galleries and on walls, and they have collaborated with a number of acclaimed artists and brands.

Alexis Diaz - La Pandilla

If you are looking for something unique, you should take a look at the art of Alexis Diaz. His mostly monochromatic murals of wild animals are comprised of thousands upon thousands of tiny brush strokes, and can hardly be compared to anything you have seen before. They are so gigantic he had to create his “La Pandilla” (or “The Gang”) with his friend, and fellow street artist, Juan Fernandez, to produce them. His animals are dreamlike creatures in a state of metamorphosis which morph into one another, creating awesome and morbid chimeras that are covering the walls worldwide. Already much talked-about artist, Diaz’s career is rapidly expanding, and will most certainly produce many more amazing and breathtaking works in the near future.

Max Rippon - well thought-out, intelligent and sarcastic art

In his public artworks Max RIPO Rippon has been exploring the intersection of classic calligraphy, hand painted signage and graffiti. This American multi-disciplinary artist living in Barcelona, is combining imagery with wordplay, turning words into visual landscapes of his large-scale murals found in many cities across the globe. Lately, he moved away from simple typography and started working on paper, canvas, sculpture and even digital fabrication techniques to widen his exploration of textual communication through language, symbols and forms. RIPO’s art is well thought-out, intelligent and sarcastic, focused both on style and on messages it communicates.


Only half through his thirties, wunderkind artist and contemporary art superstar Lucien Smith has already been featured on the list of 30 individuals under 30 in the category “Art & Style” by Forbes. And for a good reason! Experimenting with various techniques, concepts and genres, he creates distinctive art of painterly abstraction that shot him to fame in 2011. Among various other styles, he is an artist of assemblage, mostly known for his large format canvases that mix paint with found objects. His paintings have been exhibited at prestigious venues worldwide, and have been known to fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions.

Franco Fasoli - miraculous mix of graffiti and fileteado porteño

Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli, aka JAZ, is one of his country's best and most talented artists with an important role in what has made Buenos Aires one of the most vibrant and exciting street art scenes in the world. His unparalleled style is a miraculous mix of graffiti and traditional decorative practice of fileteado porteño, a popular Argentinian super-ornamental style very typical of tango. From 2009, his art features more and more animals. His most recent works, which are becoming increasingly ambitious in complexity and scale, depict fighting scenes of hybrid creatures with human bodies and wild animals heads. His art is constantly evolving and we are very excited to see in what direction it will move in the future.

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