10 Amsterdam Urban Art Galleries

June 22, 2014

Amsterdam is the most important cultural and artistic centre of the north, representing a contact point for many different spheres of art. Renowned for the Masters from the Golden Age who have settled in the Dutch capital in the ancient 1600s, Amsterdam still plays a key role in the art world. Open for those who like experimenting or seeing and buying the most recent in painting, photography, urban, street art and other media, Amsterdam is the perfect place to spend time and money in. Skip the big museums! Amsterdam is full of galleries showcasing mind-blowing contemporary and urban art. We’ve made a list of the ten most noteworthy. Enjoy!


W139 is a presentation and production space for contemporary art, located in the heart of Amsterdam's famous red light district. It runs primarily on the ambition and energy of performers, making it primarily organized as an artist-run space. W139 was founded in 1979, in the space that was originally a theater, by a group of young artists who wanted to present an alternative to the collections and exhibitions on show at the city’s museums and commercial locations. In the course of 34 years, W139 has evolved from an anti-establishment squat into a professional non-institutional platform for contemporary art. The program includes both Dutch and international exhibitors who are invited to develop a new (site-specific) work for the W139 area. Today, W139 operates parallelly with, rather than in opposition to, the more established exhibition venues.



Radar is a project created in 2008 by Marco de Piaggi who considers it an "avant-garde monitor". Its aim is identification, creation and exhibition of artistic forms such as sculpture, painting, printing, photography, architecture, video art and music. Radar 'captures' all creative forms that are at the same time radical, actual and urgent. For this reason, Radar is constantly looking for young artists who are taking their first steps in this direction. The ones represented by Radar are Nisja, Laser 3.14, Marcel Ozymantra, Dirk Polak, to name but a few.



This Amsterdam urban art gallery has a reputation for being secretive. In the "about" section on its website you’ll find only this: The Garage is a 17th century carriage house in the canals of Amsterdam. We work with select international artists to put on private, high-end, low-key shows. The Garage gallery hosts exhibitions from local, national and international artists. Rumor has it that the only way to know about the next event at this canal-side gallery is through its newsletter, if you sign up to it, of course.


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