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October 9, 2016

Between a skyrocketing auction market and top art fairs, Asia’s art future has never looked brighter. With a new generation of artists that have been quietly mining the cultural currency throughout the region, Asia has become a true complement to the global art community. Contemporary Asian galleries range from globally renowned to lovely, small independent places. They are on the forefront of the latest art trends, showcasing a wide range of artists, both local and international. As complex histories and dynamic changes affect Asian political, social, cultural and economic landscapes, it is the artists who grapple with the past, present and future creating a backdrop for new ways of thinking. For this reason, the art scene in Asia is thriving. Hong Kong hosts a major annual art fair, Korea has one of the most developed and sophisticated art scenes on the continent, Indonesia has some of Asia’s top collectors, and Singapore seeks its place as a cross-cultural nexus.

For this reason, we have made a selection of some of the finest art spaces on the Asian continent. From major international players such as Gagosian, to more independent, small operations like Kult Gallery and Above Second, all spots featured on the following list are well worth poking your head into. They provide a great insight into the international, and more importantly vibrant local art scene and exhibit groundbreaking art, especially the smaller places that bravely challenge the status quo and where one can find the most challenging art around.

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Chambers Fine Art Beijing, China

Founded in 200, Chambers Fine Art Beijing specializes in contemporary Chinese art. It serves as an authoritative source of information on the latest developments in the rapidly growing contemporary art world in China. Situated in a building designed by Ai Weiwei in Caichangdi, this village in the north east of Beijing has transformed into a major arts center as Ai Weiwei emerged as a distinctive force in contemporary architecture. With the incorporation of open space into the design of the building that permits an unusual degree of flexibility, it consist of a courtyard that features artworks by Qiu Zhijie, Song Dong, Yin Xiuzhen, and Zheng Guogu, two large galleries to the east and west and a smaller gallery to the rear for video, installations etc.

Featured image: Chambers Fine Art Beijing, via

Gagosian Gallery, Hong Kong

Of all the major international venues that have been opening their branches in Hong Kong, the Gagosian caught on to city's cash-rich market potential in 2010, opening a luxurious and flexible gallery space filled with light, that occupies 480 square meters of the historic Pedder Building on Pedder Street in the heart of Hong Kong's Central shopping district. Originally opened in Los Angeles in 1979, Gagosian Gallery became to be one of the world's leading modern and contemporary art spots. With the addition of the Hong Kong gallery, there are now eleven galleries worldwide in cities like New York, London, Rome, Paris and Geneva. Since its opening the Gagosian Hong Kong gallery has been showcasing substantial solo exhibitions by some of the greatest names of the contemporary art scene including artists such as Damien Hirst, Richard Prince, Roy Lichtenstein, Zheng Fanzhi, John Chamberlain and Cy Twombly, showing a growing confidence and sophistication.

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Contemporary By Angela Li, Hong Kong

Contemporary by Angela Li is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and avant-garde artists from China, Hong Kong and worldwide. Since its establishment in 2008, the gallery has gained considerable attention and has become one of Hong Kong's top galleries for contemporary art. The gallery has held successful exhibitions for Chen Jiagang, Chen Wenling, Li Hongbo, Mo Yi, Tony Oursler, Georgia Russell, Shi Jindian, Peter Steinhauer, Martin Wehmer, Wong Hau Kwei, Nancy Chu Woo and Ye Funa, to name a few. In January 2013, the gallery moved to a bigger space at the trendiest part of Hollywood Road, with over 2,000 square feet of newly renovated exhibition space. The gallery's carefully curated exhibition programme consistently challenges and brings surprises to the local and international art scene.

Featured image: Contemporary By Angela Li, via

SCAI The Bathhouse, Japan

SCAI The Bathhouse is a Tokyo based contemporary art gallery passionately dedicated to introduction of  Japan's exceptional artists from the WWII up until the present day. Opened in 1993 under the direction of Masami Shiraishi and situated in a former bathhouse building located in a charming neighborhood of Ueno Park in Tokyo's Yanaka district, SCAI The Bathhouse gallery features simple white walls combined with excellent natural light which turn it into a bright and airy space. The fact that SCAI (Shiraishi Contemporary Art Inc.) gallery is situated in an antiquated high-ceilinged building, which is over two hundred years old, gives it a minimalist aspect that is both traditional and extremely fashionable at the same time. The gallery host exhibitions that last around two months with an interim installation period of several months, during which SCAI The Bathhouse travels around the world and shows artworks by Japanese artists at international art fairs.

Galeria Continua, China

Founded in 1990 by Mario Cristini, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo, the gallery was originally located in an old cinema in the historical town of San Gimignano in Italy. For this unusual location that fostered its quirky reputation, the gallery has earned international attention and acclaim. As one of the first Chinese initiatives by a Western Gallery, the art space in Beijing was launched in 2005. The inaugural show exhibited 16 artists from five continents. Merging Eastern and Western audiences, the gallery has a three-storey space exhibiting Italian and international contemporary art. Each of these exhibitions is uniquely devised and tailor-made for the space by the artist.

Featured images: Galeria Continua, via

Galerie Perrotin, Hong Kong

Originally founded in  Paris in 1991, Galerie Perrotin today holds several outposts around the world, with its Hong Kong branch opened in 2012. Gallery's famous owner Emmanuel Perrotin is one of the world's greatest art dealers, well regarded in the art world for being quick to identify emerging talents, as he hosted first solo shows and represented such great names as Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami, Maurizio Cattelan, and more recently, JR and KAWS. Gallerie Perottin Hong Kong gallery space, located on the 17th floor at 50 Connaught Road Central was designed by an acclaimed architect Andre Fu. The gallery shares the same address with another newly opened gallery space (White Cube), and it features one main room, one salon and three private vieweing rooms.

Galerie Urs Meile Beijing, China

Founded in 1992, Galerie Urs Meile Beijing promotes contemporary art, from painting and sculpture to photography, installation, and video. Located in the center of the art district Caochangdi in Beijing, it has established itself as an international meeting place for collectors, curators, artists and aficionados of the arts. Designed by Ai Weiwei, the complex reflects influences from traditional Chinese architecture. Consisted of five buildings, it has exhibition spaces and an artist-in-residence studio. Operated from Switzerland, Galerie Urs Meile was one of the first international galleries to focus on the Chinese art scene and has been working on an international level with Chinese artists since 1995.

Featured image: Gallery Urs Meile, via

Pekin Fine Arts Beijing, China

A contemporary art space in Beijing established by Meg Maggio in 2005, Pekin Fine Arts Beijing has over 600 square meters of exhibition space designed by Ai Weiwei. Striving to represent and promote the best and most innovative contemporary artists from Asia, the gallery focuses on individuals adept at working in a wide variety of mediums, with experience in both domestic and international exhibitions. Besides hosting a wide range of gallery exhibitions in Beijing, Pekin Fine Arts has a seminal role in promoting Asian artists internationally. Artists represented by the gallery has been exhibited in many important art institutions from all over the world.

Featured image: Pekin Fine Arts Beijing, via

Above Second, Hong Kong

Above Second is an artist-run gallery and studio space, and one of the newest and hippest Hong Kong culture spots. Established in 2010 by Jasper and May Wong, Above Second quickly gained international attention for its strong support of the local urban and street artists. Located in Sai Ying Pun area, near the Hong Kong's Central district which houses numbers of renowned art spots, Above Second manages to stand out and be very different, as it is a combination of a gallery and art space. The gallery showcases wide array of exceptional urban artworks influenced by illustration, graphic design, graffiti, comic books, pop culture and street art. Most of the pieces are for sale at affordable prices and because of this Above Second gallery constantly attracts first time buyers.

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