10 Galleries You Loved During the Month of November!

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November 30, 2015

If there is an important month in the world of art, that's gotta be November. November is that time of the year when the art world goes crazy, when the biggest auctions are being organized and the biggest amount of money circulates across the globe. Billions of dollars worth of art have changed owners during this November - the whole world was buzzing about what was sold and for what price. So, November has a greater specific weight than the other months, and it is important who has been seen in November. And here's our part of this equation: here are 10 most visited galleries on WideWalls during the month of November.

UNIX Gallery - Top Visited Gallery in November

UNIX Gallery  is a contemporary art gallery that was founded in 2008 in Miami, but it had opened another gallery in 2013 in New York. It represents a mix of international emerging and established artists, and it is providing a forum for innovative exhibitions and artistic exchange. During the month of November, two exhibitions were held at UNIX Gallery, Synchronicity  and Will Work for Fast Food.

Hang-Up - One of Europe's Leading Online Urban Art Galleries

Hang-Up was also founded in 2008. It is an online gallery, with highly collectible street art and limited edition prints. Hang-Up had grown a reputation of a gallery that's been able to discreetly source rare limited edition Banksy prints, and Banksy canvases. In 2010, the gallery launched Hang-Up Contemporary, a second online gallery dealing in contemporary editions, and in 2013 the gallery launched a new site that combines Hang-Up Urban, Hang-Up Contemporary and Hang-Up Gallery into one responsive website. During November, Hang-Up Gallery featured So It Goes…, an exhibition by The Connor Brothers.

Ministry of Walls - Looking for SCOPE

Ministry of Walls was the highest visited gallery on Widewalls both in September and October, and in November it is at the third place. Based in Cologne and Miami, this gallery is interested in street art and in Pop Art. Ministry of Walls will participate at SCOPE art fair in Miami Beach, that will be held from December 1st to December 6th.

Artemisia - Pool of French Artists

Artemisia Gallery promotes a pool of French and international artists. It is located in the Chelsea Art District in New York City. This gallery organizes solo, duo and group exhibitions throughout the year. During November, it hosted When Fashion Meets Art show, a group exhibition by French artists.

Ruttkowski;68 - Contemporary Gallery from Cologne

Ruttkowski;68 is a contemporary art gallery in Cologne, Germany. It was founded in 2010 and shows a selection of national and international artists. During November it has featured a solo exhibition by a young artist Tom Krol, named Hugs & Kisses.

Urban Spree Galerie - Grassroots from Berlin

Set in a vast postindustrial compound in the heart of Berlin, the gallery promotes a grassroots artistic approach, working closely with street & graffiti artists, urban photographers and contemporary artists. During November, Urban Spree Galerie held an exhibition called Magic Life.

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