10 Highlights of the New Satellite Miami Art Show

November 29, 2015

You might remember from our first announcement of the Satellite Miami Art Show that this alternative exhibition will take place throughout five different locations in Miami Beach. Not bad for a first-timer! To make-up the extensive programming there will be fifty two art spaces from the US, UK and Austria, all offering a spectacular range of performances, installations, new media and technology exhibitions, film works projections and much more. Between December 1st and 6th 2015, the visitors of Satellite Miami Art Show can check out what’s happening in the following spots five spots: The Ocean Terrace Hotel, The Parking Garage, the Surf Med Pharmacy, North Beach Bandshell and The Deauville Hotel. To help you get around and make sure you don’t miss the most interesting events, we put ten of them together for this article.

So, before you put your walking shoes on, scroll down to check out the events you shouldn’t miss at Satellite Miami!

Recycling Religion

Happening at The Parking Garage is a group exhibition which will feature installation, new media works and performances, entitled Recycling Religion. A radical group of Eastern European artists and their Western counterparts will put on a great show, organized by New York’s White Box in collaboration with Dukley Art Center from Montenegro. Main topic? Religion, and how its notions and rules impact our society and minds. Among the artists there will be Pussy Riot and Recycle Group for example, who will present a video and a series of images respectively, both quite famous among art lovers.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid

If the name only didn’t catch your attention, their program definitely will. Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles, and for the occasion of Satellite Miami, they will occupy The Ocean Terrace Hotel in its entirety. To join them there will be nearly 40 other similar organizations, whose installations will house each room of the hotel. From December 1st to 5th, at the location you can attend a series of performances, round-table discussions and experimental sound exhibitions, and we think that it’s gonna be good whenever you go. But hey, why not go every day?

Paper Islands

Developed by Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao, Paper Islands is an exhibition taking part at the Deauville Resort and, as you can imagine, explores the world of imaginary plants through several sculptural “islands”. These ecosystems are created from colorful painted papier-mâché landscapes mounded on shore-like platforms dispersed throughout the gallery space and are inspired by the story of continental drift and its effect on biological diversity. If you’re a fan of lush flora-or-maybe-fauna art in large-size specimens, this is just the show for you - but even if you don’t care about it so much, we suggest you visit it nevertheless.

Looks What a Woman’s Got

While at the Deauville, make sure you also check out Letitia Huckaby’s Quilts and Dress Project, a self-portraiture and reflection on her family and African-American heritage. At Satellite Miami, her photographic work celebrates connections between past and present, memory and invention, craft traditions and new points of view. This highly personal project represents a deeper look into one’s past through the means of documentary image-making and fabric sewing. Some of the artworks on display in this exhibition are from LA19, a series of portraits of family members who lived on or near Louisiana’s state highway number 19.

Middlesticks and Spinning Night in Living Color

We’re still at The Deauville Hotel, where artist Elaine Buckholtz will showcase something she’s been working on for the past 30 years. Her work is all about moving light, combining the mediums of moving light, sound, video and sculpture. Her exhibition Middlesticks and Spinning Night in Living Color will showcase light sculpture, video installation and manipulated video stills. These video stills, or photographic prints, are actually torn-out images from art history books infused in her design and filmed while in motion. The two video pieces, formatted in the aspect ration of two important moments in film history, are going to be projected onto the prints.

Extra Teats and Borrowed Feathers

Since The Bandshell will host two events on December 1st and 2nd, we’re just gonna put them both. The first, entitled EXTRA TEATS - A Screening of Bad Ass Puritan-Purging Digital Artwork will show the works of six artists, while the other, Borrowed Feathers is a film concert series featuring Samantha Ronson and Ravi Drums, who will launch Give8, an internet-based, pass-through agency whose function is to bring awareness to the needs of people, animals and our planet through celebrity driven Social Media Missions while raising and distributing funds to 8 non-profit organizations that are committed to addressing those needs.

Miami Beach Gift Shop

Moving on to The Surf Med Pharmacy, we have the Miami Beach Gift Shop, curated by Satellite Miami founder Brian Whiteley. The exhibit will be composed of the works of eleven creatives, and has been carefully curated to capture the essence of the actual Miami Beach Shops that dominate the beach front. That being said, you can expect all kinds of artworks that could evoke the items from such stores, such as sunscreen, beach towels, even bongs. Participating artists are Roxanne Jackson, Lil Kool, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Miami Glass House, Flap Jack the Clown, Aimee Hertog, Liz Guzman, Jennifer McDermott, Psychedelic Scott and Chris Held.


DiMoDA - or The Digital Museum of Digital Art - is a preeminent virtual institution and a virtual reality exhibition platform dedicated to the distribution and promotion of New Media Art. Conceived in 2013, DiMoDA will the place of collecting, preservation, interpretation and exhibition of digital artworks by living New Media artist, giving its visitors a unique virtual experience of viewing art. Its atrium was architected and modelled in 3D by its founder, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, and the visitors will wear an Oculus Rift to access portals and wings of the museum. Having its debut at Satellite Miami, the museum will present five international artists.

High Tide

Curated by Jesse Firestone HIGH TIDE is a Pharmacy exhibition is a mixed-media exhibition of seven artists which explores the ways artists confront the intersection of unattainable ideals and urban development, safe-space making and sustainability in South Florida. A majority of artworks and projects on display have moving parts that function outside the studio, that way making the gallery a place for staging and disseminating information. Thus, there you can see the remnants and documentation of performative gestures, sculpture, digital media, photography, sound works, painting and architectural conditions in Miami.

Non Grata

Finally, at Pharmacy, NON GRATA - Art of the Invisibles will take place on December 3rd, featuring performances by the NON GRATA rotating group of artists. All of them have different backgrounds and come from almost every corner of the world, and their art is transmitted through performances they do on tours everywhere. The groups gives its performers the greatest of freedom of expression, giving them opportunity to present and execute their own ideas, politically, socially, existentially. Their spontaneity will be just the element you should wait for at the art show in Miami, and we’re excited to see what it will be!

All images courtesy of Satellite Miami and its participants.

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