10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

October 10, 2014

Instagram is widely used by many, including some of the greatest contemporary artists around. This social network provides an excellent platform for visual artists to show their work to large and diverse public, and free of charge. It also allows art lovers to follow their beloved artists and get updates of their newest artworks. We highly recommend these ten accounts for you to follow. They are interesting, highly entertaining, very informative and provide great insight into freshly created art by some of the world's best urban and contemporary artists.

Ryan McGinness - New Body of Work Designed Specifically for Instagram

Ryan McGinness is a renowned American painter, sculptor and installation artist from New York, a true master of iconography and typography, who plays with meanings, symbols and words. He is famed for his original extensive vocabulary of graphic drawings which use the visual language of street signs, logos and modern day iconography. On his Instagram account mcginnessworks McGinness posts his completely new body of work, designed specifically to be published on this social platform. These grams feature black and white wordplays, rather clever and abstractly designed phrases that offer new perspectives on everyday words and symbols. Through his complex, conceptual ideas, McGinness has successfully turned his Instagram account into a cyber place full of feel-good messages that provoke thought and make you come back again.

Ai Weiwei - Strong Political, Social and Cultural Criticism via Social Media

Ai Weiwei is a Chinese dissident artist with a long history of using art as a form of protest, internationally acclaimed for his artworks in sculpture, installation, photography and film, and his strong social, political and cultural criticism. Weiwei's Instagram account aiww is a great way to follow this extraordinary artist's work, as he is very active on this social platform and daily posts his photographs. Last summer, Ai Weiwei generated huge buzz when he started posting curious photographs featuring people using their legs as rifles. Project that sparked a new Internet meme was a statement about the overuse of power in fighting terrorism, in the midst of the Chinese anti-terror campaign.

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David Choe - Instagram that Provides Insight into the Juicy Details of the Artist's Life

The genuine bad boy of the contemporary urban art scene, American painter, muralist and graffiti artist David Choe is widely recognized for his provocative works characterized by frenetic tone and raw, dirty style. Choe's personal Instagram account davidchoe is just what you can expect from this highly controversial artist that so often spits right in the face of political correctness. The account is updated daily and features photographs of his works and the artist himself, providing an humorous insight into the juicy details of Choe's crazy life and an excellent update of his intelligent new art that always manages to push the limits further.

Usugrow - Documenting his Globe-Trotting Experiences on Instagram

Usugrow is an acclaimed Japanese artist and graphic designer, widely recognized for his illustrations found on punk-rock and hard-core music album covers, fashion items and skateboards, as well as his fine art which has been exhibited in galleries worldwide. Usugrow's unique and instantly recognizable black and white artworks, greatly influenced by Asian calligraphy and infamous Los Angeles Cholo style graffiti, feature delicate linework and exceptional lettering style, while depicting opposing elements such as flowers and skulls. Instagram account usugrow is a wonderful and mesmerizing place, filled with numerous photographs of Usugrow's captivating yin and yang imagery and also a great document of artist's globe-trotting experiences.

Faile - Best Place to Get Updates on Their Activities

Internationally acclaimed American urban art duo FAILE, is known for their cutting-edge multi-media art that blurs the lines between fine and street art, and which they create with a vast array of different materials and techniques. FAILE's famed canvases, prints, sculptures, installations and stencils, constructed from found visual imagery, are instantly recognizable and highly desirable pieces of art. The official FAILE Instagram account faileart is probably the best place for you to get your updates on their activities. There you can find photographs taken directly in their Brooklyn-based studio, featuring FAILE's in-process screen prints, completed sets, as well as their old graffiti and many other interesting things.

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Os Gêmeos - Regular Posts of the New Pieces and Places They Visit

Os Gêmeos (The Twins) is a Brazilian graffiti art duo of identical twin brothers, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, widely recognized for their signature characters of yellow skin. Their artwork, including both simple tags and large murals, is greatly influenced by the Brazilian culture and it features a wide range of subjects, ranging from family portraits to strong political and social commentaries. The work they've done has established Os Gêmeos as one of the main influences in the Brazilian street art scene. Their Instagram account osgemeos is a great way to keep up with their new works and their travels, as they regularly post photographs of every new piece they put up and every new place they visit.

Yis Goodwin - Tens of Thousands Followers

Yis Goodwin, also known by his moniker NoseGo, is an American artist from Philadelphia who combines fine art with a contemporary style to create highly energetic, eye-popping artworks which feature patterns, vibrant colors and imaginary characters. NoseGo's unique and whimsical art is a unique and well thought-out mix of art history, pop art iconography and street art, and it represents a real treat for any contemporary art lover. Yis Goodwin's Instagram account nosego is one of the main repositories for those interested in his new works, which is the main reason why it quickly became so famous, with tens of thousands following it.

Anthony Lister - Keep Track of this Highly Prolific Artist

Anthony Lister is one of the most prominent Australian contemporary street artists and one of Australia's pioneers of stencil art. Lister's captivating, pop surrealist graffiti, paintings and installations, featuring grimy combination of high and lowbrow culture, gained him a huge attention and international acclaim. His explosive and scratchy form of sophisticated figurative art, which depicts a twisted world of his imagination, is both alluring and grotesque at the same time, often spiced with a splash of humor and sarcasm. Instagram account anthonylister is the place where Lister posts photographs of his new graffiti and street art, and it is an excellent way for you to track the work of this highly prolific artist.

Martha Cooper - Unprecedented Insight Into Contemporary American Graffiti

Martha Cooper is a legendary street art and urban life photographer who has been snapping photographs for well over fifty years. She is widely recognized for her internationally acclaimed and incredibly prolific work on documenting New York graffiti scene since the 1970s, which has been published in several books that represent the history of street art. Cooper's Instagram account marthacoopergram is extremely worth following as it provides an unprecedented insight into contemporary American graffiti seen through the camera of a true artist of photography. There you can find wonderful snapshots of some the world's most prominent graffiti artists and their works.

Futura - Inspiring and Highly Entertaining Instagram Account

Futura, also known as Futura2000, is a legendary American graffiti artist, illustrator, photographer, fashion and graphic designer from New York City, and a major player on the world's contemporary urban art scene. This highly influential and multi-faceted artist, who defined the graffiti movement of the early 1970s by moving it away from lettering and towards the more painterly, abstract style, is famed internationally for his cutting edge graffiti art he has been creating for more than four decades. On his rather inspiring and highly entertaining Instagram account futuradosmil Futura daily posts photographs including his witty artistic, digitally collaged images and design works, as well as his selfies and travel snapshots.

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