10 Murals From POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015

February 17, 2015

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 has now drawn to a close after a busy week that saw many international and local artists adding colour to the streets of the Kaka’ako district of Honolulu with a wide range of impressive street art murals. POW! WOW! Hawaii always throws up a selection of fantastic street art murals during the week, as can be seen by the images in the Final Mural Report on POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 and the previous 10 Best POW! WOW! Murals article. With over eighty street artists involved in creating street art murals over the course of week one can only admire the organisational skills that go into making the event a success and as mentioned by Urban Nation director Yasha Young, one of the curators of POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015, in her interview with Widewalls (Widewalls Podcast #3: Yasha Young) it’s not all just fun in the sun as the artists sweat away creating their street art murals for many hours each day under the glare of the sun! However, it looks as if they have once again managed to create some wonderful artworks and here, in no particular order, are 10 impressive murals that have emerged from the POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 street art event so far.

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Self-taught Norwegian stencil artist Strøk, otherwise known as Anders Gjennestad for his studio work, made this striking piece in his trademark style. Created using multiple stencil layers, Strøk brings a high level of photorealism to his creations, that are often based on the artists own photographs taken from his studio window on sunny days, that allows him to create these fantastic images of figures and shadows from above that when placed on a wall allows him to play with our ideas of perspective and perception. See more about Strøk in the Shadows on the Wall article.


The secretive graffiti artist ROA from Ghent in Belgium livened up this street corner with a beautiful pair of monochromatic sea creatures created in his distinctive hand painted black and white style. ROA has become known for his impressive depictions of urban wildlife and often pictures creatures that are native to the area as the artist always allows the area he is working in to inform his artwork while also commenting on the human attitude towards our animal friends. See more in ROA’s Paper Trails at White Walls Gallery.

Tristan Eaton

The always impressive Tristan Eaton, graffiti artist, street art muralist, illustrator and toy designer was back at the very same wall he so stylishly transformed last year. Assisted by his Brother Mark Eaton, the American street artist created this stunning image of a Samurai riding a horse, full of intricate patterns, various styles and textures. The daunting Samurai and horse give the appearance of being collaged from giant magazine cuttings and the elaborate details are sure to inspire a WOW! When anyone walks round the corner and comes face to face with it.

Maya Hayuk

New York bases artist Maya Hayuk transformed this wall with some of her vibrant and strong patterned work built up in beautifully dripping layers. Maya Hayuk has become known for her paintings that consist of symmetrical patterns that are informed by Ukrainian traditional craft patterns and mandalas, creating intricate compositions and abstractions that add a splash of psychedelic colour wherever they appear and guaranteed to brighten a day whatever the weather! See more in the Light Heavy article.

Etam Cru x Bezt

Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru (comprised of artists Sainer and Bezt) brought a bit of winter with them to Hawaii by crafting this rather cold looking child wrapped up for a walk in sub-zero temperatures complete with red nose. The rather chilly looking child looks as if they are trying to catch snowflakes on their tongue and continues the duos fascinating work that often hints at fantasy, fairy tales and Eastern European folklore, more of which can be seen in the article Opening: Etam Cru’s Bedtime Stories.


Hueman created this fine piece of work that appears to cross the borders between fine art and graffiti, combining delicate styling’s and forms that then clash with the angular freestyle abstract elements born from the street. Hueman has become renowned for her works that often start as abstract pieces without a focus that get reworked until an image reveals itself to be developed resulting in impressive works that balance between figurative and abstraction. See Hueman in action in this Hueman Freestyle Mural SF Summer 2013.

OG Slick

Slick started out producing graffiti on the streets of Honolulu back in the mid 1980’s before heading to Los Angeles to leave his mark using old school style lettering within his street art. For POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015 Slick created this massive mural based on the flag of Hawaii that took almost the whole week to finish, entitled Can’t Save the Queen, it combines the red, white and blue of the national flag with impressive old school style lettering.

Case Ma’Claim and Smithe

This completely stunning mural is the result of a collaboration between Case from the Ma’Claim Crew and Smithe. The work captures the distinctive styles of both artists, the often seen hands of Case and the highly illustrative workings of Smithe that combine in this artwork to stunning effect. The details and colours produced by the duo are quite breathtaking and was also created for the PangeaSeed non-profit organisation that works for shark conservation and ocean preservation. See more of Smithe in Ever X Smithe and read more about Case in Power of Movement.

D*Face - Oh God! Why Can’t My Boyfriend Surf

British multimedia artist D*Face created this spectacular piece in his familiar Roy Lichtenstein inspired work that features a woman crying and thinking to herself Oh God! Why Can’t My Boyfriend Surf, obviously in reference to the exotic location of POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015. D*Face has become known for his Pop Art flavoured creations that reflects popular culture and the American dream that are often laced with a good amount of humour while also being anti-establishment.

Natalia Rak

This large and highly detailed mural of a woman and Bengal tiger was created by Polish artist Natalia Rak who has become known for her large and vibrant murals that are often influenced by old photos, daydreams, book illustrations and comic books. This beautiful image was among the first to be completed during the week and creates a luxurious backdrop of fur, hair and rich fabric. See more about Natalia Rak in this Through The Looking Glass article.

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