10 Photos From iPhone Photography Awards

February 24, 2015

To make a good photograph, you need a good eye. And great technical skills. And a decent equipment. Also talent. Or you can just have an iPhone. Truth be told, if you want your image to be part of the iPhone Photography Awards, you do actually need one - or one of its cousins that are iPod or iPad. But, you can’t use any photo editing software. So, guess you do need that good eye too. This is the eighth time the contest is happening, and for the 2014 edition, it received pictures from 17 countries. They charge a modest fee of $3.50 for one image, it’s divided into proper categories (Animals, Abstract, Architecture, Children, Flowers, Food, Landscape, Lifestyle, Nature, News/Events, Panorama, People, Portrait, Seasons, Still Life, Sunset, Travel, Trees, Others), and the jury will pick the winners “on the basis of artistic merit, originality, subject, and style.” And while you won’t wind up in an iPhoneography exhibition at an actual museum (yes, that happens worldwide), an award will be handed to the top entries. This year’s competition deadline is March 31st.

Here are the 10 Best Images that Won Top Awards in the iPhone Photography Category from Last Year

1st Place: 2014 Photographer of the Year

Julio Lucas is an actual artist from Florida, USA, who likes to take pictures with his phone on the move. He tries to avoid filters in order to capture the moment to tell a story. His image of Perito Moreno Glacier won the 2014 Photographer of the Year award.

2nd Place - Photographer of the Year

Jose Luis Barcua Fernandez is from Spain. He is interested in black and white street photography, with strong contrasts and an emphasized play of shadows and light. One such image of his in square format won the 2nd spot - Photographer of the Year award.

3rd Place - Photographer of the Year

Jill Missner’s 3rd place photograph is said to have been the favorite of the jury. Her image was taken on a near-bye hike at a local pond in Ridgefield, USA, and it features her dog Wrigley, hardly recognizable in the dotted pattern of snow.

1st Place - Animals

Michael O'Neal had an adorable encounter with a very friendly fox near Colter Bay Beach in Wyoming, USA, which he managed to capture in his image. For it, he got the 1st prize in Animals category.

1st Place - Architecture

Yilang Peng, you could say, is a professional iPhoneographer. He mainly uses the iPhone to shoot and he is interested in abstract and landscape photography. His symmetrical image brought him 1at prize in Architecture and Honorable Mentions in Animal & People categories of the contest.

1st Place - Landscape

Elena Grimailo is a photography lover living in Moscow, Russia. She is fascinated with the simplicity of using a cellphone to capture the environment, and her breathtaking image of a mountain at night got her an award.

1st place - Lifestyle

Brandon Kidwell, a “mobile artist” from Jacksonville, USA, usually takes double exposure portraits. His image of a kayaking squad won the top spot in the Lifestyle category.

1st Prize - Nature

Felicia Pandola is a Associate Marketing Manager living on Rhode Island, USA. She got awarded for her image of an upcoming storm on a deserted beach, probably on Rhode Island.

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1st Place - News/Events

Aside from being a photographer, Gerard Collett is also an opera singer living in London, UK. While photographic everyday lives of his community in black and white, he also captured an arrest in Germany.

1st Place - Seasons

Cocu Liu, is a mobile photographer and interaction designer based in Chicago. His image of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in winter got the 1st prize in Seasons category.

All images courtesy of IPPA and their respective owners.

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