Best Places to Buy Art Online - Platforms Which Make Purchasing Artwork Easier

January 12, 2018

If you wish to buy art - online platforms are a very good choice. With the steady rise in demand and over three hundred online online platforms launched in the last couple of years, digitization of art commerce is booming and it is already clear that the art world has been forever changed.

Whatever it is that you are looking for to buy, may it be contemporary or classic art, from known or emerging artist, paintings, prints, sculptures, books, design items, you can find it online and for a reasonable price.

All of the online platforms featured on the following list provide an excellent way for you to find and buy art that best suits your need, taste and budget, but most importantly, give you a great tool to search and explore art market of today. As art is evolving into a more digital and less physical experience, buying art has never been easier.

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Artspace - Artwork for Any Budget

Artspace is an established marketplace of fine art sourced from the world's most renowned artists, galleries and museums and made accessible to a broad global audience. The Artspace e-commerce website has been working since 2011 and it had grown to become the place to go if you are looking to buy fine art online.

From the beginning it has been selling art from well known, established artists as well as from emerging artist who just might be the next biggest names of contemporary art. Prices are reasonable, and anyone can find artworks that fit their budgets. The prices start as low as $20 and can climb all the way to $200,000, but most of the prices are under $5,000.

UGallery - Free Shipping

San Francisco based online art gallery UGallery offers curated, affordable original art created by both established and emerging artists from all over the globe. It has has been launched in 2006, debuting with twenty five original artworks created by only five artists.

Steadily growing over the years, UGallery today exhibits over five hundred artists and several thousand pieces of original artwork, including paintings, prints, photographs and sculpture. UGallery search tools allow searching by artist, size, style, color, and price range. Prices are quite reasonable and start at $100, going up to tens of thousands of dollars with free shipping of all artworks.

Amazon Art - Easy!

In August 2013 Amazon, famous international electronic retailer, launched its Amazon Art platform. Through this online marketplace you can find original and limited edition fine art from selected galleries at reasonable prices, from  $25 photographs to million dollars worth oil paintings.

Amazon Art search tools allow you to search artworks by artist, price, subject, style and even color, and there is something for everyone. The site is rather interesting, it will keep you looking until you find a piece that resonates with you, and then it is just one click away. Featured galleries ship to customers directly, and very often free of charge. Buying art has never been easier.

artnet - The Most Comprehensive Archive of Auction Results

A public company based in Berlin, artnet is an online trading platform for the international art market and the leading website for searching, buying and selling art. The network, established in 1989 and online since 1995, caters specifically to art dealers and art buyers and offers fine arts, design products and decorative arts.

The artnet Gallery network consists of more than 170,000 artworks by 35,000 artists, with search tools that allow searching by artists, style and medium. The amazing artnet Price Database offers the most comprehensive archive of worldwide auction results, containing more than eight million results from over 1,700 international auction houses and dating back to 1985.

Paddle8 - Focused on Auctions

Paddle8 is an online auction house specialized in selling fine art and collectibles by conducting themed and curated sales of works consigned by international owners. It was founded in 2011 by the Phillips auction house chief auctioneer Alexander Gilkes.

Paddle8 was initially created as a platform for presentation of contemporary art exhibitions but it changed its business model to focus exclusively on auctions in 2012 and today it connects buyers and sellers of fine art and collectibles, from design to fine jewelry, through an online auction platform. Paddle8 also organizes benefit auctions in support of and in collaboration with various different non-profits worldwide.

Zatista - A Place to Buy Original Art Online

Zatista is an online art selling platform that was started by Internet industry veterans from eBay. Guaranteeing original artworks only, coming from hand-picked artists and galleries, Zatista offers quite affordable works, and of the highest quality too.

On their website, you can find artworks in different price ranges: under $500, from $500 to $1000, $1000 to $2500, and over $2500. They ship for free within the borders of the United States and if you're not satisfied, you can even return your artwork! At Zatista, they insist there are no reproductions - only original artworks for sale, so if you want to start your collection with little money and get a unique artwork, this is a good place to start.

The Tappan Collective - Shop Exclusive Artwork

The Tappan Collective was established in 2010 by two Los Angeles natives, Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein, who met at the University of Michigan. As they realized there was no reliable platform to support emerging talents from their art school, they founded their own, and today they connect emerging artists to the many aspiring art collectors seeking exciting artwork at affordable prices.

On their website, you can find everything from photography, paintings, large art, to prints, drawings and sculpture, with a price range going from $20 to $9200. A truly interesting service to buy art online, especially if you need as a wedding gift, for example.

1stdibs - The Most Beautiful Things on Earth

At 1stdibs, one can find pretty much anything - from furniture pieces to jewelry, watched, fashion pieces and interior design items. What perhaps interests us the most, however, is fine art, and this site offers a selection of sculptures, paintings, photography, prints and multiples, drawing and watercolor art, and mixed media.

1stdibs was created in 2001, with the fine art sector debuting in 2010. They are now connected to world’s most renowned art dealers, including the Art Dealers Association of America. Here, you can find affordable original artworks on sale at any time as well, in any format and medium you desire.

Saatchi Art - A Great Place for Promoting Art

Saatchi Art is an online art promotion and art selling service created by the Saatchi Gallery, world famous and highly influential London based gallery of contemporary art, opened in 1985 by Charles Saatchi with an aim to make art more accessible to the mainstream.

During the period in limbo between premises in 2006 Saatchi Gallery website started an open access feature where artists can open a personal page and upload their works and biography. With thousands upon thousands of artists, dealers, galleries and artworks, millions of daily hits and annual sales over $100 million, Saatchi Art website is a great place not only to buy but also to promote and sell original art.

Artsy - An Intuitive Search Engine

Artsy is a free online platform used by art lovers, patrons, collectors and educators, specifically designed to connect its users to art.

Its intuitive search engine draws connections between searched artworks and those in website's large database creating a map relationships thus providing an unique online resource for its users to explore and discover art matched to their interests.

With one of the largest online databases of contemporary art, featuring over 80,000 artists, 800,000 artworks and prices starting as low as $100, Artsy website provides a great opportunity for art lovers to find pieces of art that best suits their taste and budget.

Widewalls Marketplace - Inspiring Artists and Affordable Artworks

Last, but certainly not least, the Widewalls Marketplace, our very own platform where you can buy art online safely and easily!

The Widewalls online art gallery features artworks of the most prominent contemporary artists. Through our marketplace, any of the available artworks for sale can become yours with a just a few clicks. Sculptures, photographs, abstract paintings, prints and editions are among the many original works which are part of the Widewalls artworks section.

Globally recognized, renowned names, as well as the new rising artists can be found in the featured list. Artworks from all around the world are regularly added and the offer is constantly expanding with a growing number of available works for sale.

Easily-manageable artworks platform provides safe and enjoyable browsing, giving you the opportunity to discover your new favorite artwork, or even purchase some of the pieces by the most popular names in the world of art.

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