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October 2, 2014

Damien Hirst once bluntly commented that “people would rather put their money into butterflies than banks” and with that in mind, today we are going to talk about affordable art created by great artists. Prints are the perfect choice for art lovers on tight budgets to get their hands on artworks of their favorite artists for reasonable prices. What follows is Widewalls' selection of ten high quality prints created by some of the world's most renowned and highly acclaimed urban- and contemporary artists. If you are an art aficionado who is looking for a piece to hang on the wall, or an investor with limited funds, who wants to invest in art early and wait for the prices to rise, keep in mind that art is first and foremost about aesthetic value and personal taste.

The Unveiling

Conor Harrington, former graffiti artist from Ireland, widely recognized for his extraordinary skills, seen both on walls and canvases worldwide, generated huge buzz in the last couple of months as the art world was expecting his debut New York City exhibition. For this occasion, and just ten days before the show opening, Harrington released a print of his new painting entitled The Unveiling through The Outsiders gallery website. This instant classic of figurative painting inspired by the works of old masters, was planned to have its premiere at the NYC show. Two hundred copies of the archival pigment print with silkscreen gloss, printed on Somerset Satin paper, numbered and signed by Harrington and priced at £250 were quickly sold out through The Outsiders website. Hopefully, second edition will be coming out some time soon, so keep an open eye.


Pejac is a Spanish street artist on the rise, recognized for his minimalist works and subtractive techniques. His stand out pieces are highly desirable and it is no wonder that the print we suggest today was quickly sold out. Pejac's Seppuku print is a wonderful piece which depicts Japanese ritual suicide. The knife which the monochrome painted figure uses to cut his stomach protrudes him and comes out at the back transformed into a tree branch in bloom. Limited release of seventy copies of the Seppuku print was released in May this year to celebrate the launch of Pejac's new website. These hand pulled screen prints, with hand-finished watercolor details, were priced at €200, but quickly became highly collectible and are already going for the three times original price.

Eastern Realm

RETNA is an American street and graffiti artist from Los Angeles recognized around the world for his unique calligraphy art based on his own, self-constructed, ancient-looking geometric script, inspired by traditional symbols on Native Americans and Egyptian hieroglyphs. In January 2014 RETNA released his captivating limited edition serigraph print titled Easter Realm, via Smogtown and through the Baurmann Gallery store. The edition is consisting of two, grey and gold, series of eight color serigraphs with hand deckled edges. Sixty prints, priced at $600, of each series were printed on Coventry Rag paper. They were produced and published by 13 Press print house from Los Angeles. The current price is reaching several thousands of US dollars and it will most definitely go higher and higher as time goes by.


CYRCLE. is a Los Angeles based two-men street art collective of unique aesthetics and extraordinary art that exposes the gray area of life and focuses on the human condition.  Totym print is their final piece of the OVERTHRONE! campaign, influenced and inspired by their artistic explorations during the 2014 Cash, Cans and Candy Vienna street art project. The limited edition of eighty, digitally created, five color screen prints were recently put on sale through 1xRUN, priced at $75. As of today there are still 27 pieces left of this artist signed and numbered series, so better hurry up before someone else beats you to it. This one time run ends in the next couple of hours.

Garden Of Memories

Sickboy is one of the most prominent artist from Bristol, known for his humorous and audacious work. Garden Of Memories is Sickboy's nine color etching with additional four color print executed on Somerset Satin paper. It is an instantly recognizable Sickboy piece, full of chromatic and detailed narratives he is widely famous for. Sickboy painted Garden Of Memories directly on textured drafting film and it was printed at Lazarides Execution Dock studio using the large format hydraulic etching press to apply its thirteen layers of color. This limited edition of thirty prints, all signed and numbered by the artist, is on sale via The Outsiders website for the price of £375. It is still available, so you know what to do.

Economy Of Scale (Two)

Cyclops is a true enfant terrible of the British graffiti art scene who, after years of fringe existence he spent living as a homeless or in jail, found 'salvation' in street art. Today he is an extremely prominent artist who creates highly desirable art. Cyclops' print we think you should own is a beautiful archival pigment print with silkscreen gloss printed on Somerset Satin paper, titled Economy Of Scale (Two). It was published this year as the limited edition of forty print, all signed and numbered by Cyclops. Economy Of Scale (Two) is still available for purchase via The Outsiders website for the price of £225.

This is Bad Lands

Faile is an internationally renowned street art duo recognized for their skillful use of various different techniques and materials employed to create paintings and prints influenced by comic books and pop culture. This Is Bad Lands is the latest varied edition of 250 prints featuring the Band Lands image, printed in acrylics and silkscreen ink on Lenox paper and priced at $150. The series features several color variations of hand-painted and stained prints with deckled edges and printed, stamped and signed backs that make each print unique. The fact that This Is Bad Lands is sold out even though it was published just a couple of days ago, says how desirable Faile art is.

In Nature Is Dominance (Neon)

Cleon Peterson is an American artist of extraordinary talent and troubled past which can be seen so vividly painted on his murals and canvases depicting a brutal, nightmarish and chaotic world, full of violence, blood and corruption. Cleon Peterson's In Nature Is Dominance (Neon) is a limited edition of thirty, genuine Peterson, two color screen prints produced on Munken premium white paper and on sale for €220 via Berlin based publisher Draw A Line. It was published together with only four Silver edition prints which are long gone and sold out. Luckily, there are still few In Nature Is Dominance Neon edition prints available for purchase. Get it while you can.

I Like Prints And So I Make Them

Parker Ito is an acclaimed American artist who creates exceptional art which is extremely desirable and highly collectible. This unique and highly inventive artist generated a huge worldwide buzz in the recent years, partly due to his ingenious approach to showing his artworks on the Internet through his online exhibitions. Ito's I Like Print And So I Make Them we present today is a four color, hand pulled screen print produced on archival paper and published on September 2nd 2014 in limited edition of 75 pieces, all signed and numbered by the artist. It is still available for purchase at Limited Works website for the price of €500.

La American Flag

The last one on our list of prints we think you should own is the one created by the world's most infamous and highly elusive graffiti artist. Banksy's La American Flag is a caricature of the famous World War II photograph of U.S. soldiers raising the American flag during the bloody battle of Iwo Jima, which was originally displayed at his Santa Ghetto Gallery in London. The print was published in two editions, Gold and Silver, both printed on high quality, acid free cotton canvas with shrink resistant wood frame. Both editions of Banksy's La American Flag canvas prints are available for purchase around the web. They can be found in several different formats, from small to oversized and multi-piece, with prices starting as low as $25 for the Silver one, what makes them the perfect buy for any Banksy art fan.

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